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Justin Barger (born June 12, 1982), known as Jofa, is an American AstroPagan. Jofa was born and raised in the economically depressed area of Youngstown, Ohio - a place that evolution forgot [see photographic evidence below]. His mother and father are divorced, which may be in part due to his biological father's infidelity, as he has hinted. He is the oldest of three siblings. A 2001 graduate of Boardman High School, (2nd most famous graduate was NFL QB Bernie Kosar) in Youngstown, he has stated that he suffers from some form of Autism, though it is not known to what degree. This, in turn, has made him a subject of near constant ridicule and abuse in both his online and real life. The developmental disorder, in addition to the years of torment, may have some effect over his behavior and actions, particularly his less than empathetic approach to others and their feelings.

A fan and aspiring musician of heavy metal, punk, and grindcore, Barger has attempted to write and record his own music in hope to perform someday in front of a live audience. As of this writing, this dream has not yet come to fruition. Barger tried to fit in with other local musicians growing up but was rejected as he was often seen as an immature "tag-a-long", high strung, or "spastic". This has not hindered his desire in becoming a key focal figure in the underground,(or small label, non-mainstream) music scene, much like his idols; GG Allin, and Seth Putnam of the band Anal Cunt.

Strongly opinionated in not only terms of music, politics, anti Christian beliefs, and other idealisms, Barger has dabbled in a number of non traditional theological followings such as Levey Satanism, Odinism, and Asatru Paganism.

Barger's firm stance on issues tend to backfire, as he does not (or is incapable), of building substantial evidence to support his case. From a proverbial sense, this often leads to him sticking his own foot in his mouth. His greatest paradox seems to be his intense need for acceptance and especailly respect from his peers, though his treatment of others, along with many of his own beliefs, are anything but. Seen by some as a tragic figure, a product of his environment, a victim of circumstance. Others feel that he is only receiving just punishment for his own actions and hateful beliefs.

His former best friend is Greg.


First joined the Relapse board in 2004 under the screen name, HangingByAThread. Was a frequent poster, who, for the most part, contributed little and drew little attention his first few months as part of the board community. However, his postings became increasingly antagonistic, often interrupting political discussions and targeting other posters, such as those who supported animal rights or other left leaning philosophies, with petty taunts and name calling. He was also quick to offer his opinionated views, voicing his disgust for certain bands, and musical genres, and would attack anyone who may have disagreed. This eventually led to him being called out for his actions by such board members as Roman Temin, and others. Instead of backing off, this only furthered Barger's caustic behavior, which eventually came to a head in early 2005 as he quit the board with his now infamous parting rant. In this rant he lashed out on the "Politically Correct Fucks" of the board who had ganged up on him, though ironically he, himself, labeled the board as intolerant of others with different views, all while seemingly defending many of his more racist, homophobic, and anti-animal rights positions. It was also revealed Barger had sent several threatening Private Messages to several other members of the board weeks prior to his departure.

He would return to Relapse a few months later. Now a prime target, his initial attempts to keep a lower profile and avoid confrontation proved futile. Any thread or post started by Barger, now was fair game. It was at this time he was dubbed; JOFA by a number of the Relapse posters, named after the athletic protective helmets worn by hockey players, bicyclists, and in some cases; the mentally handicapped.

It was also at this time that The Official JOFA Quote Thread made it's first appearance. The thread was used as an ongoing archive of almost everything he posted as it grew exponentially in the coming months as a means to mock him.

At this point, some Relapse posters began expressing remorse towards Barger. They argued that while they didn't approve of his actions or beliefs, that Barger's cognitive learning disorder made him an easy target who lacked the ability to fight back. Others, who never encountered Barger during his first run at Relapse, said that the constant harassment had degenerated into nothing more than schoolyard level bullying. In an attempt to level the playing field, the Photoshop Jofa Getting Revenge thread was posted, where Relapse members were asked to post their depictions of Barger seeking vindication on some of his biggest detractors.

While Barger, himself, pleaded for mercy from the board, saying that he was there to meet friends and share thoughts on underground music, many of his more anti-social tendencies escalated to intolerable levels. A number of his postings contained vehement levels of sexism, even going so far as calling for physical violence towards a number of women, and that any man who showed respect towards a women was a "pussy". His long standing feud with pro-environmental and animal rights advocates heated up as well, as he attacked a number of vegan recipe threads and discussions with pictures of sirloin steaks, hamburgers, and other animal products, while taunting many of the vegans and vegetarians of the board with baiting, condescending remarks. Some, who had offered condolences, began to quickly back off their support, finding many of his views, particularly about women, as reprehensible.

Relapse Moderator John(Lapse)Gnesin contacted Barger on a couple of occasions, via Private Message, with Barger's erratic posting being one of the issues discussed. Gnesin was an active proponent of stopping any sort of pro-racist posting on Relapse, and Justin's issues were becoming too much for him to ignore, even out of pity. A quiet truce seemed to be called between the two though, this would not last for long.

Finally realizing that he was never going to be accepted or respected amongst the community, Barger began a downward spiral of brash and confrontational behavior towards a number of his online adversaries. He outwardly threw a number of racist and anti-Semitic slurs directed at non-white and Jewish posters, including Gnesin. It was also discovered, at this time, that Barger was a member of several White Supremacist and Neo- Nazi online messageboards, as some had previously speculated. But what once was considered offensive by some, had now turned into an unintentional source of comedy. Many believed he lacked the simple intelligence, common sense skills, and overall knowledge of the world to be taken seriously by anyone. An example being, when accused of being a Nazi supporter, Barger mistook Zyklon B; the deadly cyanide gas used by the Nazis in World War II on human prisoners, for the Norwegian death/black metal band of the same name.

This would continue through early 2006, when that April, while looking for help to a seemingly simple problem involving downloading software, Barger snapped under the pressure and flooded the forum with Nazi pics and symbols, and copious amounts of homosexual porn. Finally having enough, Gnesin banned him. Barger's posting days on the Relapse Records boards had come to an end.

Jofa was once a member of the Stormfront White Nationalist Community forum, though he claimed it was a ruse and is not actually racist. Has posted on

As of February 06, 2009, Jofa has not sent his Secret Santa gift. He has claimed it has taken him 2 months to acquire shipping materials. As a consequence for not sending his gift out in time, a phone call was placed by the Reeelapse Secret Santa Enforcement Squad AKA Rosary_Butt_Beads. He was told to "Get on it!"

Jofa has been involved in a number of board fueds and conflicts, since registering at the old Relapse Records board in 2004, most notably with Soiled Depends, due in no small part to Justin's half head.

Post Relapse

While gone from Relapse, Barger continued to post online regularly at a number of forums, including his previous board of choice; Grindcore.com. This, along with other boards such as Stormfront, Lambgoat, Southern Lord, Metal-Archives, UltimateMetal, Terrorizer.com, SMNnews, and others, under the name Ohiogrinder. Barger would eventually find himself banned from most, if not all, of these locations.

The JOFA Quote thread would remain active, as Relapse members would post many of his blogs and messages from his Myspace, including his further issues with females, minority groups, and his growing resentment of the small town Ohio music scene.

In the coming months Barger would post a string of bizarre Youtube clips of himself. This gave many their first glimpse into his personal life, and their first opportunity to hear his voice and manner of speaking. Barger again lashed out on many music scenes including Emo/or "Hipster" Hardcore, 80's Hair Metal, and Reggaeton. This lead to backlash from many in the online Hispanic community, as well as several Ohio area musicians, and many of his old Relapse enemies.


Founder of Doorcore. Founded a number of small time, one man grind and noise projets including The Marcus Wesson Experience, Grey Beard, Arseterror, Zombie Militia, and Hacked Into Pieces. Played in the band Destruction Ritual, with Greg Dicko, only to see the band dissolve over Dicko's spousal issues sometime in late 2005. Formed grindcore band Puketeria, but this group has also since disbanded.


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