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Jovalera as viewed from space.
A lush, rainy day on Jovalera.
A Jovaleran desert during the sunset.

Jovalera was the first planet to be created for the Lera addon. It is the second planet from it's star, and is reasonably Earth-like, but also possesses strange aspects making it the alien world that it is.

Jovalera has two main continents, the largest is known as Rova Aovrale Ra (meaning New Australia) and the other smaller one commonly known as Jajorav (meaning Shadowlands). There are also many vast hot spot island chains to be found around the planet. Jovalera's capital is located in Rova Aovrale Ra, and is known as Ralae Jeje, the Tri Lake City.

Moons and Rings

Jovalera has a notable blue ring far from the central planet, maintained by the gravity of a large nearby moon, known as Marbles. Jovalera's other moon is known as Ringles. It is placed in the middle of the rings, where it clears a gap with it's small yet effective gravitational power.

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