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  • Name: Kari
  • Nicknames: Shortstack, She With the Rebellious Hair Bang Over Her Eye, Kiddo (by Starblade)
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 20 as adult, 5 as child
  • Race: Anthromorphic fox
  • Height: 5' 5" / 3' 4"
  • Weight: ~100 lbs / ~40 lbs
  • Fur color: Soft pink
  • Eye color: Yellow
  • Skin color: Cream/light tan
  • Home World: "Wicentopia"
  • Player: Gray



Kari is a pink-furred fox in her early twenties, of slender build, with hair reaching down towards the small of her back, with a bang of hair obscuring her right eye, and another framing the left. Her hair is notable for lighter streaks running through it at sparse intervals, with an occasional white streak. Her hands, feet and eartips all feature white fur.

Typically, Kari will dress in slacks featuring solid colors and tanktops or otherwise sleeveless shirts featuring designs, often of pandas, penguins, or other such things. She tends to keep accesories to a minmum - typically she will at most wear a bracelet or necklace.

When reduced to her younger form,

She remains a pink-furred fox, abeit at five years of age rather than twenty or so. Her hair and markings remain roughly the same, with the only major change being that her hair loses much of the tonal variation her adult state features.

Usually she does not dress specificially for her younger state. More often than not the clothes she wears at the time of her regression become more child-like equivalents; artful imagery and tonal variation becoming simple, childish designs and basic colors. Oddly, more often than not her slacks will turn into a skirt, much to her annoyance.

It is possible this reversion of wardrobe explains why she dresses so plainly - its rare to see her in anything particularly formal, fancy, or elaborate, though having never been seen in these sorts of outfits, its unknown what kind of translation would occur should she deage.


As an adult,

Kari is rather amiable, if a bit uncertain. She is a bit wary around strangers, however given the chance to warm up to a person she becomes a good friend, willing to offer assistance without thought of repayment. Indeed, she seems predisposed to a desire to be useful, helpful in the group she is a part of - in this case, the Lodge.

On the uncertain side, Kari suffers from a lack of confidence, expecting impulsive and thoughtful decisions alike to result in at least one atomic detonation, if not two. This leaves her with a chronic uncertainty regarding her own actions, however time spent in the lodge has reduced this from near crippling to far more manageable - shes gone from utterly pessimistic, to not quite utterly pessimistic, and fully capable of maintaining a genuinely upbeat, cheerful attitude, in spite of possible mushroom clouds.

This generally results, however, in a very deliberate, calculating mindset, always considering the problem at hand before acting if it can absolutely be helped. She has gone from baulking at the majority of the lodger's inclination to jump head first into a problem shouting something like "GERONIMO!", or "FAREWELL TO CAUTION!" to simply being exasperated by the tendency. She will usually prefer talking or some other form of coercion to physical combat or overt forcing of ones will on another.

As a child,

Certain aspects of Kari's personality are magnified; she becomes more curious, more nervous around strangers, and quicker to change moods. While she will sometimes express a certain naive quality as an adult, this becomes stronger and more frequent in childhood; furthermore while it can't be said she loses any intelligence with the change, under the right circumstances it is much easier to gain her trust. She also tends to think through situations far less throughly.

However, she does retain her overall attitude, seeming rather calm and mature for a kindergartener, if sometimes still expressing the exuberance and energy of her age under the right circumstances. [These including pillow-rides down the stairs, epic swordfights with stalks of celery, tea parties, etc.]

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