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indiana lake toyota village black cats and voodoo dolls ohio suburbs minnesota care application map annoying asians video tennis babe page map pregnancy message boards adderall xr coupons regine velasquez concert 2005 ong bank the movie map webmap Kitherea was the first planet to be created for the Lera addon. It is the first planet from The Lera Star, and is Venus like in appearance.

Kitherea is an active planet with pink volcanoes covering it's surface. These volcanoes erupt fantastically at regular and irregular intervals, sending hot rock high into the turbulent clouds, where it can stay indefinetly until falling back down in a rain of stones. These have been studied, and some of the lighter rocks airborne within the atmosphere have been up there for millions of years. The oldest has fallen down recently, at an age of 3.9 billion years, less than a billion years after Kitherea was born.

Kitherea has no known moons up to this point.

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