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Living ENWorld:History:Goblin

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History of the Goblins

However, after centuries of peaceful interaction, they came into contact with the followers of Taurusk, a deity devoted to chaos and to crushing the weak. Taurusk saw the serene goblins and saw fit to make war upon them. Taurusk brought his armies, led by the vicious Riders, to the mountain home of the goblins, with the intent to crush their city and scatter their civilization to the winds.

Morning came, and the armies of the Riders crashed over Inzehdu'un like a tidal wave, led by Taurusk himself. Shural-Kazi appeared on the battlefield, challenging Taurusk. Taurusk accepted, but Shural-Kazi fled deep into the city, into the sacred ritual chamber, where, with the aid of the most powerful of his priests, he had laid a trap for Taurusk. Both deities were dragged into the Labyrinth, a perfect copy of Inzehdu'un at its height, though empty of all life. Here it is forever twilight, and here all is still; the bricks will not crumble despite the passing of ages. Shural-Kazi fled again, and Taurusk found himself quickly lost within the Labyrinth.

The mountain goblins, on the other hand, grew more isolated in their mountain communities. They continue to build architectural works of art, but limit themselves to smaller achievements for now, as expressed in the elegant monasteries that contrast strangely with their simple lifestyles. They also continue to train with the ancient weapons and methods of battle, treating it as an art-form like any other. The mountain goblins occasionally venture out for trade or other purposes, though most Enworldians today are only familiar with the 'lower' goblins.

-Written by Sparky and WizWrm, with input by Jack Haggerty

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