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DISCLAIMER SO THAT LONGWOOD UNIVERSITY CAN'T SUE US (although they will probably try): This site was created with the purpose of forcing a positive change at Longwood University, not to defame or insult Longwood University. This site is a community forum, and has many contributors. Although the site's creators feel this information is accurate, it very well may not be. Be warned: there is NO WAY to thoroughly check the factualness of the information. Before making any admission or other major decisions based on this information, double check its accuracy with Longwood University. Let us repeat, THIS INFORMATION IS BASED OFF OF THE MEMORIES THE SITE'S CONTRIBUTORS AND MAY BE INACCURATE. Regardless, don't post anything that isn't true, or could be considered libelous. If a user should find anything inaccurate on this site, please correct it by clicking the "edit" button at the top. This site, and its contributors, are in no way affiliated or supported by Longwood University (besides having been current or past students there).

Things apparently have not changed in the last 35 years!  :0

The attendance policy is bogus. This is not high school, we are here because we want to be, not because we have to. We are paying quite a bit of money for the teachers to teach us so whether we want to show up should be up to us. The professors are still getting paid regardless. Its not that I even skip class but I should not have to not only justify why I was not in class but I should not have to provide written documentation from a doctor in order to be excused from class. If I stop showing to class it will show in my grades and I'll either fail or I wont. If a student is not showing up to class then let them fail, we are adults now and we do not need babied.


Posted 11-10-07: Fall 2005 or Spring 2006 I sent to the SGA President a Senate Bill to change the attendance policy and included talking points, arguments if you will, to support passing the Bill and presenting the request to the Board of Visitors. I tried to keep up with the SGA minutes, but they were not regularly posted online. I also requested several times that minutes be posted in a timely manner so that students who cannot attend the meetings, or are commuters living outside the Farmville town limits, can keep abreast of events. No luck. On either count. I don't think they ever discussed passing the bill to change the attendance policy.

Someone, a current student, should take up the cause and keep this matter open. Take up a petition and present student signatures to the SGA and request, again, that they pass a bill to present, with the signed petitions, to the BoV to change the attendance policy. Someone must take up the cause every year until the attendance policy is satisfactorily changed. After all, it took at least 7 years (maybe more) of student activity, faculty and staff involvement, and Presidential prodding to get a Board of Visitors group to finally include "sexual orientation" in Longwood's Affirmative Action Statement.


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