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Sample document, taken from a real message from a real member:

I think many of the people who join Mensa do so because they wanted to know (or others to know) that they could get in. Since many are interesting and active people, they have other activities to occupy their time. They find that they do not take the time to attend Mensa events, and so they decide not to spend the money to renew.

I joined because I was looking for others of "like mind". I found a group of people that did not share obvious connections with me such as occupation, religion, or sports. Despite our outward differences, I found people who had read the same books, enjoyed the same humor, and played the same games. Two years of active participation helped me to understand that I was unusual, but not defective. I have attended only a few events in the past several years due to distance or scheduling, but I enjoy reading the Bulletin and MensAcadian.

So, it could be that the problem with retaining members is not because we haven't found or provided what they were looking for. It could be that they found what they were looking for, but don't need it anymore.

I agree.

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