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{{Mage:SessionNav|previous=Mage:J Price Introduction|next=Mage:J Price Next}}
== Our Little German Adventure ==
== Our Little German Adventure ==
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{{Mage:J Price Germany}}
{{Mage:J Price Germany}}
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Our Little German Adventure

Session 9

Angleton calls us into a meeting. It appears Thorpe has taken poorly to event last and has gone AWOL.

We are request to journey to Cologne and either persuade him back into the fold or sign him off on compassionate leave. But he is asked to return a file classified GAME ANDES REDSHIFT.

We are given the name of Udith Auerbach a contact Interpol.

We are to meet Thorpe's civil partner David Moller at Heathrow before flying out.

Moller also works out of the London office. He believes that "Pinky" is just stressed and has done to Cologne to "de-pressurise", being familiar with the Gay Club scene in Cologne from previous visits. Moller gives us Thorpe's and his own mobile phone number.

Fr. Auerbach had identified Thorpe as staying an a small central hotel bit he has not been seen Sunday (yesterday) at breakfast. He has left some clothes, his mobile phone. A small signet ring is found on the fall near the bed, it is Thorpe's and a focus. His over night bag is missing. There is no sign of the file.

The room was made up yesterday 11:00am. Today it had a "Do Not Disturb" sign. This is sent for fingerprinting.

The mobile phone has calls to German numbers.

  • Tuesday 20sec outgoing.
  • 2 hours later incoming 8min
  • Wednesday 08:16 incoming 1:12
  • Friday 16:30 outgoing 3 mins
  • Saturday 16:30 incoming 1:30
  • Sunday 15:00 incoming 3 mins.

Card entry to the room confirms that the room was last opened at 15:15 Sunday.

His phone is also identified as a focus.

He has left a small tin in the hotel safe. The tin contains a key to a railways station locker.

At 15:40 he is seen leaving the hotel on CCTV followed by two shaven headed Mediterranean/Middle-Eastern men. All three get into a cab. The number plate is obscured but the taxi firm it made out.

We go the the rail station and recover the file from the locker. We take this with us a place it in our hotel safe.

That night I retrieve the file from the hotel safe, they aren't eager to photocopy it, so I take it upstairs to try and transcribe it but the words just swim in-front of my eyes. I take it back downstairs to the business centre and try to copy the file. Unsurprisingly it doesn't work only resulting in a moire pattern. I return the file to the hotel safe.

Session 10

Session 11

We storm the warehouse, after I first explode the florescent tube in the reception are to put off the guard positioned there.

James and I rush the guard to little effect. The guard unloads his automatic weapon into the ceiling.

I manage to stab the guard twice before he drops his weapon and runs into the main part of the building.

We follow him into the warehouse proper where we see the symbol I'd previously sensed painted on the floor. Around it stand three young fascists, two Turks and Thorpe kneeling over some piece of electronics in the centre of the symbol. Also in an office overlooking the interior I spy and guard with another automatic weapon. Who then shoots me in the chest.

Session 12

I retreat into the foyer, and attempt to heal myself. This is at least partially successful. Thorpe and one of the Turk disappear out the back of the warehouse. I move to head them off, and meet them coming round the corner. The Turk has wild glowing eyes, I lamp him across the head with the sub machine gun I'm carrying, but this little effect.

Thorpe pays me no attention.

They jump into their car, and reverse away from me. Before they are able to leave the car park, I manage to kill the engine. The car splutters to a halt. I then attempt to fuse shut the doors, trapping then inside.

Barney exits then building, and I call over to him to check the guard in the foyer for more ammunition. I walk over the the Mercedes, that Turk is attempting to restart, and stab a rear type with my stiletto knife.

Barney returns again with two clips of ammunition. I throw Barney the MP-40, and move to the driver's side door.

I shout to the driver "Release Thorpe", but the tries to smash out the windscreen, at with point Barney leaps onto the bonnet and empties a clip into the Turk.

The fight is complete inside.

The clean up exercise begins, we spread paint over the floor, leave the standing skinheads unconscious. Then call Fr. Auerbach who is not that impressed that she wasn't informed before hand.

Session 13

We dump the minibus and get a tram into town. I lend Thorpe my phone to call "The Brain".

He says he was stressed after the death of Aaron Sykes, and expresses doubt over Angleton and mentions the The Star Chamber. He grabbed the file "to prove that the place wasn't secure". He rambles about the Ring of Steel around, and a plan to be able to end anyone in view of a CCTV camera.

We look over and see James passed out in the corner of the compartment. Guess it's been a long day.

He describes how he was coerced to produce a Type 3 Gateway. He knows only that his controllers were processed but, by who or what, or what they wanted with the Gateway is unknown.

Millington calls asking us to get Thorpe to the airport tomorrow. We will be debriefed by the locals.

On reaching our destination James is awakened, but he now has cheekbones and blue eyes. This requires him to recount a his story, of being born white in Bristol, becoming a missionary in Polynesia. Waking up Polynesian on the shores of the Severn.

We deliver Thorpe to the airport in the morning where he is met by "The Brain".

Fr. Auerbach accompanied by a her boss and a uniformed senior Police Office. The guy in braid gives us he piece about the cost of homicide cases.

It strikes me that if these guy had to be told of our involvement then the strings that this organisation can't reach all that high or wide.

Session 14

Session 15

Session 16

Returned home for the weekend. Plagued by temporal hangover. Eventually managed to meet up with Dionysus

He puts forward that that Neon foot-soldiers may be vessels or "avatars" for powerful spirit beings and hints that the holocaust was also conduit for acquiring quintessence. While not saying this was the rationale behind the Final Solution it was a happy bi-product.

I ask Dio about the powers that overcame the last time

Charles Beauregard was head of the Diogenes club during the Great War with Edwin Winthrop serving as "most valued member". Beauregard’s history is most definitely not a matter of public record. If I hadn’t met him personally then I would never have heard of him. It is believed that he retired to Rome with his common law wife Genevieve Dieudonné sometime in the late ‘50s.

Captain Edwin Winthrop DMC Born 12 September 1895. He was seconded from British Secret Intelligence Service where he had been liaising with the Royal Flying Corps aerial reconnaissance unit. After that his official history has him retired to his country estate. "As if" as the youth might say. Married Katriona Caye July 1919. Police record of a Captain Winthrop landing a Sopwith Camel on a public road near Angel Down, Sussex in May 1921. Believed to have taken over as head of Diogenes at the start of the Shadow War in 1935. Died 1971 in the last act act of the shadow war. As usual details are scarce but it is suggested that some form of backlash from a great enchantment finally paid back.

Last most valued member Richard Jeperson, appointed in 1950s. Closed down by Thatcher in the 80’s. Your lot may have been involved in that, but they missed their chances and the Technos squeezed in, backed by the Septics.

Peace Dio

Session 17

Session 18

Session 19

Session 20

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