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Late-night drinkers at the Red Lion on High Street were shocked when the pub was invaded by a very strange customer from the stars.

Patrons describe a glowing grey figure’ who beamed down in the middle of the pub, walked up to the bar and picked up a pint of real ale.

Maybe they can’t hold their beer on Alpha Centauri, because the alien vanished as mysteriously as it arrived, spilling its pint on top of local resident

Charlie Eagleton (47). ‘It was really weird’, said Eagleton, ‘it just sort of appeared, and then it just sort of went away again.

And it was all grey and fuzzy.’ He added ‘mind you, so was everything else by then. We’d been drinking since we got off work.’

The owner of the Red Lion, Declan Hassett, declared ‘I didn’t see anything, but if more aliens want to come drinking in my pub, they’re welcome, and there’s a pub quiz on Tuesdays with spot prizes.’

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