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Mage:Session 36

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Game Date: 17th October 2010
Session Date: 9th August 2010
Author: Jon

We are all preparing to deal with Orloff and Haupstadt. James uses a multiple-mind spell and readies himself. John determines that Orloff and Haupstadt are right by the trapdoor.

Father Michael opens the trapdoor. The choristers throw in the lamps and James opens the trapdoor fully. Jacqui peers in. A choking gas rolls out of the pit and incapacitates Jacqueline. James casts, causing the gas to dissipate and then attends to Jacqueline. The choristers fetch some WW2 gas masks.

We decide that Father Michael should reseal the trapdoor, but as he goes to seal it it is smashed open by Haupstadt being propelled through it. Jacqueline fires on him but with minimal damage. Ingrhams and cavendish open fire and make holes in him but there is no bleeding. He punches a hole in the back wall. James casts a ripping spell on him and he emits a hiss of pain. Barney fires an "entropy assisted" shot through his head, busting one of the gas mask lenses. Haupstadt dives through the hole he had made.

A gorilla clambers through the trapdoor. It has Orloff's head attached. It lobs a lump of rock at one of the choristers, striking him with a grievous thud and the chorister drops.

James clears the distance to Haupstadt while Jacqui assumes an aiming position. James attempts to bowl him over and cannot manage it - taking a wound (which he soaks).

Barney is aiming at Orloff, who appears to have made the choristers guns stop working. Father Johaness prepares a spell. Jacqueline shoots at Haupstadt causing damage to his face and gas mask. He drops to his knees. James examines him and finds that his life force is like a very powerful separate entity, controlling the body.

Barney and John fail to damage Orloff, who ignites the kerosine store partially damaging Barney and John. One chorister is dead and another is burning.

James hacks at Haupstadt's legs. The body as exuding blue flame. James attempts to transfer its life force into a rock.

Jacqueline shoots at the gorilla's back wounding him. Barney continues shooting the gorilla too. John and the choristers attempt to exit the building in the opposite direction.

Haupstadt is blazing vigorously and disintegrating. Ingrahams and cavendish fire on the gorilla. They open fire again and the gorilla, hit, runs. Barney drags Father Michael from the building.

John and Jacqueline attempt to keep pace with the gorilla but seem to be failing. Ingrahms begins to close on the gorilla who is still being shot at.

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