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Mage:Session 37

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Game Date: 17th October 2010
Session Date: 16th August 2010
Author: Stuart

Bungle in the Jungle

As Gorilla approaches the edge of jungle, Ingram's drops to one knee to fire. As he does so, his head exploded and moments later, a heavy rifle shot echoes across the clearing.

"Get Down! Sniper!" Cavendish yells. Jacquelin detects the sniper and points in that direction. "Get down." Cavendish repeats and sprays the jungle with suppressive fire. Jacquelin aims and fires. She hits. James turns slightly and heads for the jungle further around, being evasive. John snaps a shot at the gorilla.

Jacquelin flicks to rock and roll to light up the Gorilla, as she drops to cover, and unlikely in Hollywood the gun the climbs aways and throws itself out of her grasp. Sniper tries for Jacquelin, hits by her head and the shrapnel wound her head. James looks for the sniper, finds him and snaps off a spell to cause the next round to jam; however, there is some sort of protection on the sniper, so James's spell fails but it dispells the protective spell. John takes another aimed shot at the gorilla, hits and wounds the gorilla. Cavendish maneuovres for position.

The sniper fires at Jacquelin but misses. John looks for magic in the jungle spots someone and begins moving. Jacquelin casts to protect herself. James approaches the sniper and casts again to jam the weapon. A hidden assailent swings at James and hits causing a wound.

James hears a close by rifle shot and James's assailent goes down, clutching his stomach. Jacquelin fires at the Gorilla again but has no effect. Sniper has to clear the jammed round. James spots Cavendish, heals himself and flanks left. John and Barnie move forward, keeping to cover, looking for the sniper and finding him. John also notices James.

John and Barnie spot three guys in loin clothes and pudding bowl haircuts are flanking them. John shoots one of them. Barnie shoots another. John hurts his target, Barnie wounds the other. The natives attack, wounding both James and Barnie. Cavendish shoots one of these assailents. James moves up to base of snipers tree. Jacquelin sprints after gorilla.

John fails to recognise the natives culture but tries to convince them that something is wrong using his power of mind. This causes the native to back off. Barnie shoots his hostile, who goes down. Cavenish hits the native facing John, but it is only a graze. James scrabbles at the tree but gets nowhere. Sniper has hung up the jammed rifle and pulled out a colt 45. James goes for cover.

Cavendish shoots the remaining native, who decides enough is enough and leaves. James tries to keep tree between himself and sniper but the sniper hits him. John aims at sniper, but there was a flash of prime as the sniper's screen deflects it. Barnie also fires, nearly hits the sniper.

Cavendish takes an aimed shot and the sniper falls out of the tree.

Jacqueline pursues the gorilla and gains ground rapidly. Gorilla looks back, nearly runs into a tree, stumbles on, Jacquelin gains twenty meters. She fires at the gorilla, a full clip, totally destroying one leg and injuring the other. It crashes to the ground. Jacquelin stops and replaces clip. Orlof fights back with lightening, injuring Jacquelin. With a fresh clip she tries to bring down the tree, but the tree restricts woodenly. Gorilla slumps lifeless. Jacquelin loads another clip and calls on the Doctor to surrender. He answers that he is hardly in a position to continue.

"Trouble is, why should I go through the inconvenience of hauling your sorry ass back to the plane?" Jacqueline insults.

"Don't bother on my behalf." Orlof taunts.

"Who was that in the tree?" Jacqueline asks.

"I don't know." Orlof answers.

Jacquelin settles down to watch the Doctor until help arrives. Doctor Orlof asks about what has happened in the world over the last thirty years. Jacquelin states simply that they lost. Asks to be told about the nexus world - Horizon world, Masada three, gateway to the Yotenheim.

James pounces on the sniper, demands "Who hired you?" in German and tries to read the snipers mind but he is already gone. Commercial cameoflage pattern, his pistol is a modern Colt 45. Sniper has no id, no radio, no phone. When face is revealed it is Jack James, the American mage assassin. Cut throat razor in right boot, compact pistol in small of back.

James bandages up himself, Barnie and John. James, John and Cavendish trek after Jacquelin. Joke around about photo's for the album. Discuss how to get the body of gorilla back to village, as we don't want to separate head from the body. Use one of the village tractors to drag the body back to the village. James becomes fatiqued, has been drained of stamina because of a paradox backlash. John attempts to setup a ward on Dr.Orlof.

John reads Dr.Orlof's intentions: Orlof is beaten down, but is looking for his opportunity.

Father Michael wants to hold a service for the dead; the villagers are returning from the fields. The dead are Ingram, General Haupstadt, Jack Jones, two choristers.

There is just space in the us, Cavendish, Ingram's body and the gorilla. There are four spaces in the crew compartment, four spaces in the passenger compartment. The gorilla fills two spaces in the passenger compartment, Jacquelin sits with it holding a gun to the head in the jar. Barnie joins her. Cavendish is the pilot, John sits in the co-pilot seat, leaving the other two seats for James and the body of Ingrams.

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