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{{Mage:SessionDetails|gamedate= |sessiondate=16th August 2010|author=Miles}}
{{Mage:SessionDetails|gamedate=18th October 2010 |sessiondate=16th August 2010|author=Miles}}
== Home again, home again ==
== Home again, home again ==

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Game Date: 18th October 2010
Session Date: 16th August 2010
Author: Miles

Home again, home again

The following day we are ready to fly out. The plane is checked over, but we are light on kerosene as much of it went up in the fight. We have a theoretical margin of error to our exfiltration point, Laceiva on lake Maracibo in northern Venezuela but it will be touch and go if we are to get there. But if we do, it should be large enough for us to land on (42 by 47 miles). We do have the uncomfortable realisation that we will be following a well worn smuggling route – over Columbia – say no more..

Cavendish is flying with Ingram’s body in the front passenger compartment. John and James are up front – the professor is navigating! Jacqui and self are in the rear passenger compartment with Orloff. We take off smoothly, Cavendish seems to be doing quite well as a pilot. The temperature drops quite rapidly as we ascend. There are blankets aplenty for warmth, and some of the local spirit as back up.

The prof spots a high ridge ahead, and correctly references it as the beginnings of foothills of the Andes on the map. Yaaaayyyyy! Eventually we cross the coast, but we’re not quite sure where, but eventually it transpires that we’re about 100 miles east of where we wanted to be with fuel running short – we estimate about 100 miles worth. Oooops!

James comes through from the cabin and suggests that I try to make the engines burn more effectively to string out the fuel. I give it a go and seem to succeed. We agree to tell Cavendish that we’ve got a tailwind – not that I think he cares any more with some of the things he’s seen recently.

Just as we think that things are going nicely, engines 1 and 3 gutter and die. Bugger. The prof tries to conjure up some fuel out of nowhere and seems to succeed, and I exert some effort to get the engines spinning again, and likewise it seems to work out. Go team!

Ahead of us, suddenly there is a large stretch of water, we’ve found the lake. We fly over some coastline which becomes more populous then more industrialised, over major port areas. We are about 20 miles from where we need to be. Cavendish takes it down to about 10 feet off the lake to exploit the wing-in ground effect which he tells us reduces consumption by about three quarters.

We contact the air traffic control, who point out that we will need to avoid an oil tanker which is decidedly in our way. Don’t the crew look shocked... We finally touch down without too much incident although not without excitement. We are met by a boat which pulls up by the side of the plane, and Pinky jumps on to the wing and on board. He inquires about casualties, we inform him that Ingrams died and all of us injured. He says that he’ll arrange for medical intervention and containment for Orloff.

A tug eventually pulls up alongside and pulls us back to shore where we are debriefed. In response to James’ report about bad vibes from Jamestown Pinky mentions that that was actually the primary target for our mission, although he doesn’t appear to know much about what that was based on or expected to achieve.

Cavendish phones Ingrams’ wife to break the news.

We are then handed over to a well equipped team of Chinese medics who take care of us. A couple of guards take over from Jacqui in guarding the plane, and once it is dark a heavy load is removed from the plane and into a waterside building that appears to have been taken over in its entirety. We are also lodged there.

Me and the prof proceed to get as drunk as we can to recover from our travails. Cavendish joins us. We give him heartfelt thanks for his piloting and stopping us from dying at other points. He owns up to this being his first flight in a four engine aircraft. Great.

Pinky emerges from the medical tent with a strongbox containing Dr Orloff.

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