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Mage:Session 40

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Game Date: 27th November 2010
Session Date: 8th November 2010
Author: Jon

There is a loud knocking on our doors. We get ourselves together and leave for Eastfield airport - a low key airfield then depart on a military transport plane. Barney signs for some papers a sealed black bag and a rucksack. The rucksack contains torches, waterproof, GPS, some esoteric crud thingy and some sachets of Ibn-Ghazi powder. The thingy is a Forces disruption device. There are also photographs of a stretch of barren misty Scottish coastline with six weirdly distorted barrels and a tank discoloured and distorted some sort of tentacle thing is visible. We use the GPS to record the lat-long from the photos. We land off the Solway Firth and Barney is phoned by Alan Barnes: we are to investigate.

We meet with Renee (a Scotsman) from the Laundry, get in his Landrover and leave for The Range: Jacqueline takes his shotgun.

We end up at Kirk Cudbright and hear distant shots from the ranges. We head to "Target 7" the tentacle photo. There is a mildewed plywood tank and churned up ground. We try to align with the photograph. There are animal signs - a tentacle trail and a wall with a five foot breach and scrape marks. Sheep are cowering in the opposite end of the field. We fire up the Tillinghurst Resonator. It distorts the air and makes anyone carrying it seasick. We can now see the creature's path in a glowing green.

There are sheep lying around with sucked-out innards. The beast has then smashed down the opposite wall. A mile further on there is a car parked and a path into the undergrowth with several pairs of footprints and the green trail. The footprints are a couple and a child. Renee says there used to be an old Laundry facility down there that was shut down after an accident. We see a young girl (Emma) who has befriended "Ogg Snuffles" - her invisible friend. Her parents, Andrew and Margaret are in the blockhouse.

"Snuffles" has eaten her puppy, but it's ok because he lives inside Snuffles now! James deploys a sachet of Ibn Ghazi at the creature. Jacqueline gets hold of Emma but the creature has her too. We see that the creature is a revolting amorphous blob. Jacqueline blasts it with the shotgun and retrieves Emma. James does a Rip the Soul on it and it starts heading off.

Barney opens the black bag which contains a secret document and a strange type of gun. James enters the blockhouse and sees a reception area with a desk and a door leading to some trashed laboratories. Further on there are some heavy metal doors and thick observation windows. Barney looks for a weapon but even the wood is rotten.

One of the steel doors is bulging and broken. The Tillinghurst shows ripples of energy and suffering. Barney and James retreat. We regroup after grabbing some wooden clubs and re-enter. We go through the door. There is a chalk circle with a chanting naked couple.

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