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Mage:Session 43

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Game Date: 13th December 2010
Session Date: 11th January 2011
Author: Andy

The Wilderman Institure

Get some research on the Wilderman Institute for Elderly Care:

Founded in 1950s primarily researching senility. Moved to its present location in 1980s, acquired by a holding company International Holdings, Jersey in 1970. Current director Dr Alex Lewis considerable c.v. joined 2005 as dirctor, this might be considered an obscure posting. Dr Lea Stewart became director in 2000, and become Assistant-directory when Dr Lewis joined. A new win (the Secure Ward) at a cost of £2.3M was added in 2007.

We ask for further research on the current residents, the next-of-kin for Jeremiah Collins and the origins of the name Wilderman.

John will play John Beaton canvassing potential rest care home for his aunt Margaret Baxter age 72, window of a bank manager from Sidcup, elder sister of Joan Beaton when we visit Dr Lea Stewart. Who knows Edith through her daughter Carla from University.

On arriving at the home we realise that the wrong, or at least his correct name when arranging the interview. On attempting to read Dr Stewart, John encounters something that he has not seen before: there is something dormant within her that is enlightened. The doctor claims that if the aunt is willing to undergo experimental treatment the rates are very basic. The doctor claims that these experimental treatment has arrested the onset of dementia, she offer to arrange an interview with Dr Lewis who is running the experimental treatment. The tour of the facility progresses, as expected there are large well appointed rooms, etc. The door to the secure ward has a large metal door complete with swipe pad etc. Dr Stewart confirms that that is where Dr Lewis conducts his experimental treatment.

From within the building we are able to use determine that that there are 10 low (1) level enlightened (spirit) individuals (but none sentient) and a node within the secure ward.

From outside the secure ward appear secure in the extreme, including armour glass by the looks of it.

We arrange for an interview with Dr Lewis tomorrow at 11:00. John believe that there is still something troubling her.

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