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BluWiki.org: Another free site from OdioWorks Business Services
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The BluWiki Vision

Bringing web publishing to the people. We see a world where everyone can publish online. Without censoring, popups, or banner ads. And you don't even need to know html! Thats right, just good old-fashioned publishing. Help us accomplish this vision, make BluWiki.org your home on the web.

New! The BluWiki directory

This will be a directory of BluWiki pages. Feel free to add your (bluwiki) page!

New to BluWiki?

Click here to start your own website!!

Need Help?

Find example BluWiki sites and basic editing help here.

About the project...

What is BluWiki? Learn more about this site here.

Attention: hagelstein_frank@yahoo.fr attempted to steal from us
Someone switched the bluwiki donation email address to hagelstein_frank@yahoo.fr a couple weeks ago.

This would cause anyone making a paypal donation to send the money to hagelstein_frank@yahoo.fr instead. If you have made such a donation, please talk to me so we can report it to paypal. --Sam Odio 23:40, 29 April 2006 (EDT)

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