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How to Make Money

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All ads that are posted in the “wanted” section in a printed classified section or online listings should be read consistently to see if an item can meet an existing need. Provide pictures in response to the ad.  
All ads that are posted in the “wanted” section in a printed classified section or online listings should be read consistently to see if an item can meet an existing need. Provide pictures in response to the ad.  
====Post free ads====Many places provide free advertising including online ad listings, bulletin boards at schools or grocery stores and printed newsletters.  
====Post free ads====
Many places provide free advertising including online ad listings, bulletin boards at schools or grocery stores and printed newsletters.  
====Sell for someone else==== If there are no items that can be sold, ask someone else if their items can be sold for a 10 percent commission paid for the assistance provided. Many people do not have the time, skills or access to the best places to list items for sale.
====Sell for someone else====
If there are no items that can be sold, ask someone else if their items can be sold for a 10 percent commission paid for the assistance provided. Many people do not have the time, skills or access to the best places to list items for sale.
===Meet the Needs of Others===
===Meet the Needs of Others===

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Making Money Online

Some people are great at finding excellent opportunities to make extra cash while others struggle to think of any ideas at all. The difference between the two people is the focus on the needs that are currently unmet in their immediate proximity.

When the person needing cash is willing to work to meet those needs, the other person is willing to pay for the time and effort expended. Defining needs is much easier than might be assumed because people will talk about their shaggy lawns, untidy houses, slow computers and dirty cars.

A sincere offer to correct these situations might become an opportunity to earn some immediate extra cash and then develop into a network of people who have needs.

Assess Personal Situation

Even if the situation seems dire and impossible, most people can take some creative actions that will yield some fast cash. Once the immediate need is met, some preventative measures can be taken to prevent the problem from occurring again.

Some ideas in the following list are meant to achieve immediate results while others are meant as suggestions to build a steady source of extra income that will prevent future emergencies. Certain decisions must be made prior to attempting to solve an immediate cash flow shortage.

Ascertain the exact amount of money needed to resolve the crisis. Specific information is required to define the need since the human mind is not able to resolve nebulous problems without fear.

Determine the last possible date that the money can be received. Due dates without late fees are different than the need to provide dinner for the family by 6 o’clock this evening.

Dealing With Problems and Solutions

Define exactly what is needed to fill the need. Money might not be the only solution to the problem. While money is the most flexible exchange instrument, bartering is another method of acquiring something that is needed.

Commit to solving the need legally and through work. Certain needs can generate enough fear that compromise can be the result. There are many ways to solve problems that do not involve violating laws or the rights of others.

Speak with a trusted friend about the problem and ask for some advice. Listen to their input and share some of the following ideas with that one person. Everyone needs to know that their situation is not impossible, and they are not alone.

Visit High Traffic Places

Wherever people are gathered, casual conversations take place about the needs that are unmet at home and in businesses throughout the community. Being in the right place and the right time can create an opportunity to find an income source.

These places are also excellent sources of ideas for what is needed by consumers in the local community. Merchants, business owners and townspeople are always looking for reliable people to fill their needs, and they are willing to pay fairly for services rendered.

Farmer’s Market

Every community has different rules about the participation in a farmer’s market. Registration may be required, and a booth charge is normally paid to contribute to the cost of advertising. Everything edible is available in a farmer’s market for six months out of every year. Multiple opportunities every week are available in various locations.

Craft Fairs

Fall is the season for craft fairs because most people are shopping for unique gifts for Christmas and other holidays. Anyone able to create a unique object can find a way to participate in craft fairs. Attendance at any craft fair provides a learning experience.


All over the country, there are festivals that are held in celebration of certain crops, like berries, or town settlement anniversaries or any number of reasons to get together in large groups. Walking through these gatherings provides a glimpse of unmet needs in the community. Speaking with people can provide some insight and ideas for making money after the festival is over.

Family Gatherings

The older generation of any family will share the status of their health and tell everyone who will listen, that life is harder than it used to be. After listening to every detail, ask some questions about how to help with household chores and lawn maintenance. Most seniors are willing to pay very fairly for the work that is completed. Care must be given to do every detail very well because they have very high standards.

make money fast

Most people have received gifts that have been tucked away for “later.” When funds are needed in a hurry, sometimes searching through the house can yield some sources of money and goods that can help with the current cash flow challenges. Whether the need is for a gift to give, a bill that must be paid or a meal that must be made, spend some time walking around the house with the intention of finding something to sell or use to fill the need.

Collecting Start Up Funds

Coins hide everywhere – Check the couch cushions, coin jars, ashtray in the car and laundry room for any coins that might have been overlooked. Some people have a metal detector to check the park and school playgrounds for the coins that are lost by children every day.

Gift certificates/cards

Unused gift certificates or cards might be useful for regifting or for purchasing a necessary item. Sometimes these can be sold for cash through a free ad website online.

Unused/new items

Some items are purchased and placed on a shelf without ever being used. Selling these items for nearly new prices can bring cash very quickly. New items can also be used for gifts to others when an occasion arises. CD/DVD collections – When music CDs and collectible DVDs are in the collection, they can be sold for cash to second-hand outlets and directly to other people.

Household collectibles

Some items sell better than others because of the expense and quality of new items. o Antiques and collectibles will yield generous sums because they are no longer in production. Small appliances will sell for good prices.

Kitchen utensils including dishes and pots and pans will earn solid returns especially when they match an existing collection. Certain books can be sold for high prices since they are out of print. Tools will sell for almost any stated price. o Musical instruments that are collecting dust in the closet might be the answer to a large financial need. Call the music store for an estimated value prior to listing an instrument.

Toys can be sold quickly since people are interested in saving some money on them. Sporting goods retain value better than almost anything. Sports enthusiasts love to find other sports lovers when they are seeking to purchase equipment.

Use Work Skills

People who are willing to work at almost any task will find that extra money is readily available. Every worker must know his own limitations and minimize risks of physical injury. Even the most obscure skill might be the source of a steady income, so remember to share past experiences with potential employers.

Physical Labor

As people age, their ability to care for a home is limited and younger people can be instrumental in home maintenance chores. Mowing lawns or shoveling snow can become a steady source of income for those who are reliable.

Day Labor

Some businesses rely on the people who are willing to show up early in the morning for any number of jobs in construction sites, offices, food service or manufacturing.

Lawn care/snow removal

Even if the cash seeker is not a homeowner, there are friends and family members who have neighbors who are willing to pay for these valuable services. Each homeowner should be allowed to pay what they believe these services are worth to them.


A very good home helper is invaluable to the person who does not have the time, physical ability or skill to maintain the interior of the home. Reliable domestic help is harder to find but just as necessary as ever. .


Technical knowledge and math skills are helpful to parents with kids in school. Even the children of friends might need some assistance with their more difficult school subjects.


Schools and colleges seek people with a unique approach to teaching and are open to guest speakers for modest fees. Develop a course that is meaningful for recycling, computer maintenance or alternative power sources and speak with a school leader.


Resumes, term papers, business documents and medical transcripts are required by people everywhere. A simple ad posted in a strategic place might be the beginning of a steady income that allows flexible work hours.

Music lessons

Former student musicians have the skills to teach music lessons to the current generation of band students and young aspiring pianists. Talented people who are able to play any instrument can charge for music lessons at various skill levels.

Sell Extra Clutter

Many people have extra stuff that would meet a need for another person. Items that are no longer manufactured might be valuable to collectors. Obscure items are useful regardless of their age because mass produced goods are not made with the same quality as older items.

Look around the house

Items that are tucked away in closets and the garage have value to someone else. Pictures must be taken of items that are to be listed for sale. Post these items where the ad will receive results. Rural communities still use printed classified ads as the most effective method of selling items.

Purge the storage locker

Stuff that has lived more than one year in a storage locker might be the best candidates for earning some money by selling these items to someone else. All items must be kept in an accessible location for quick sale to interested parties.

Check the “wanted” section

All ads that are posted in the “wanted” section in a printed classified section or online listings should be read consistently to see if an item can meet an existing need. Provide pictures in response to the ad.

Post free ads

Many places provide free advertising including online ad listings, bulletin boards at schools or grocery stores and printed newsletters.

Sell for someone else

If there are no items that can be sold, ask someone else if their items can be sold for a 10 percent commission paid for the assistance provided. Many people do not have the time, skills or access to the best places to list items for sale.

Meet the Needs of Others

People in every walk of life have various needs that could be filled by a reliable and trustworthy person. Contacts can be made by asking questions, talking with people and letting friends and family know services are available.


Children of every age require care from loving people who will keep them safe in the absence of their parents. Close friends and family members who are aware that funds are needed will be willing to pay for babysitting services.

Pet sit or dog walk

Neighbors and friends who travel will appreciate having someone to care for beloved pets when they travel for business or pleasure. Honest people are trusted to care for the home and the pets for generous fees.

Elder care

Reliable people are a valuable part of the lives of older people. As chores and activities of daily living become more difficult, help from another person is essential. Many seniors are able to pay generously for assistance.


Errands for someone who is homebound can be helpful and will bring income and cover the cost of gasoline. Ads posted in unique places can result in inquiries from people who need some assistance.

Lemonade stand

Even though this is an old-fashioned idea, the thought is still valid. Location is key to selling prepared food and drinks in close proximity to a worksite or large employer location. Local laws apply to this venture and permits are usually required.


Simple tasks like sewing on buttons and hemming pants can become a source of income when services are offered at the dry cleaner’s, fabric store or in a free ad. Few people own a sewing machine so making even the simplest garment must be outsources.


Taking pictures of special occasions can yield a steady income for the person with a camera that takes high-resolution photographs. Insurance documentation is another reason to offer services involving photographs.

Recycle Anything Possible

Prior to gathering recyclable materials, sufficient research must be performed to determine the price that will be paid for each category. Some items are not worth the time to collect because the recycle market has dissolved. There are a number of unique items that will earn cash for the effort.


Scrap steel will yield some money when taken to the proper recycling center. Precious metals like copper and aluminum are priced separately since the demand for these drives the price paid.

Aluminum cans

Location determines how much money is paid for aluminum cans. If a deposit was required to acquire the can, the recycler will pay 5 or 10 cents for each can. Otherwise, the aluminum is purchased by the pound.

Glass bottles

Recycling bottles is only profitable is a deposit was paid to acquire the bottle. Otherwise, glass is simply collected without compensation.

Computer equipment

Some computers, printers and fax machines have useful life that provides a market value for the equipment. Gazelle (www.Gazelle.com) pays for computer and electronic equipment that is on their lists. Other such sites are relatively easy to find on the internet. Some local recyclers accept computer equipment to prevent them from being dumped in the landfill.


Old stereo equipment, calculators, game consoles and digital cameras can be recycled by finding a place similar to YouRenew (www.YouRenew.com). BuyMyTronics (www.buymytronics.com) is another site that will purchase retired electronic equipment.

Cell phones

Working cell phones are purchased by many places that will donate those phones for use by battered women and other people who might be in danger. Newer models will yield more money on websites such as Flipswap (www.greenphone.com).

Ink cartridges

Many office supply stores will provide a coupon toward the purchase of a replacement ink cartridge. Cash4Cartridges (www.Cash4CartridgesUSA.com) will pay cash for inkjet and laser print cartridges. There are some companies that will part with their spent cartridges if asked. Golf balls – Knetgolf buys used golf balls, and some of them will earn 90 cents.


Embrace Old Hobbies

The ability to create beautiful things is a valuable skill that will be fairly compensated by others. Craft fairs are some of the best places to find the latest trends in hobbies. Local hobby stores can provide insight into the most cherished hobbies in the community.


Knit, crochet, macramé, ceramics, pottery and leather goods are purchased by people for gifts and collections. Time spent on these craft items can create a steady stream of income.


During the harvest season throughout the country, a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables are available that can be preserved and sold to other people. Purchas in bulk directly from the grower to lower the cost of buying a lot of produce. Find great recipes and master the technique so every product is memorable. Use extra touches that will set the goods apart from every competitor.

Refinish furniture

Older furniture is made of beautiful wood that can be rejuvenated with deep sanding and a new finish. Garage sales and second-hand stores are great sources to find these treasures and give them new life. There are people who will pay hundreds of dollars for the right piece of furniture with a beautiful finish.

Seize Internet Options

While there are some scams on the internet, there are also many creative ways to earn real money using a computer with a high-speed internet connection. Research is required to find legitimate avenues that will generate money and pay for skills that many people do not possess. Friends and family may know individuals who need assistance in these areas:

Research assistant

Attorneys, writers and people in other professions need valuable information that requires time to find. Excellent research skills can provide a solid income from the comfort of a home office.



People who are seeking obscure details about the people in the previous family generations will pay for the skills of people who can find the missing links. Time to create a complete and detailed genealogical history is worth a great deal.

Writing content

Certain websites exist for the express purpose of selling internet content as ordered by clients. Experienced and talented writers are paid well for their artistic approach to the written word.

Master a Useful Skill

Certain topics require more than a cursory knowledge of the basics. As new approaches are found to age-old challenges, people everywhere need a teacher with sufficient expertise to bring about great results. Inquisitive people learn from books and unique sources. The result is a well-educated person with knowledge that other people are seeking.

Alternative energy

Solar energy projects are fun to make and can meet needs for people anywhere. Whether the sun is to be harnessed to heat water or air, there are sufficient instructions on the internet to complete projects and lower energy bills for other people.

Magnetic generator

This is one of the most innovative approaches to generating electricity. Many e-books are available to describe how to take parts that are available in the local hardware store and create a self-sustaining magnetic generator that can power an entire house.

Pond setup and maintenance

Homeowners in many parts of the country want to install an outdoor pond with koi and tropical plants. Professional installation and maintenance is very expensive, but the time and effort required to care for the new garden feature can be daunting. The right person can provide the time and effort on a monthly basis and receive appropriate compensation.

Exotic pet care

Caring for dogs and cats is fairly simple, but reptiles and exotic birds require specific knowledge. People who have grown up with these creatures in cages throughout their home possess a skill that is very important to pet lovers who travel.

Computer maintenance

Personal computers in home offices and businesses all over town require maintenance activities that most people are unable to perform. A well-documented process that can be explained in simple terms will open doors for a sustained income stream.

Organic gardening

Food costs are steadily increasing, but vegetables can be grown in limited space using environmentally-friendly methods. Organic fertilizers and pest-control methods are an important part of raising great-tasting vegetables. Anyone with knowledge about organic gardening can become a consultant for others. Composting – Gathering organic materials to create compost is the easy part of this beneficial science. Someone with the understanding of the right components can help gardeners all over town produce beneficial organic compost for their indoor and outdoor plants.


Certain events in life will create the services of someone who can ascertain the value of a certain object. The death of a loved one will leave an entire house full of antiques that must be appraised for their true market value. Jewelry collections must be appraised for insurance. Collectible cars are a unique market that requires expertise to place an actual replacement value on the vehicle for insurance purposes. Any object of interest can become a source of income with the right knowledge.

Try Your Luck

As an ongoing method of possibly winning prizes or money, entries can be made online or in the newspaper for contests of every imaginable kind. All entries must be free to be considered legitimate, and the needs of the family must always be met through legitimate ways of earning money. Sweepstakes – Entries to sweepstakes can be sent in over the internet or through the mail.

Every person who enters should be aware of the odds of winning prior to entering.


Some fun can be found in spending a dollar or two on lottery tickets on a periodic basis. The odds of winning the lottery are worse than the odds of being struck by lightning, so the entrant must be frugal.


Legitimate causes will raise funds by selling tickets for chances to win a specific item. Every entrant can acquire the information about the raffle to ascertain the legitimacy of the effort.


Writing contests can be rewarding for the talented writing. Many other types of contests are available through various sources, including: online, television stations and newspapers. Surveys – Companies pay people to fill out surveys. This income method requires patience since the lucrative surveys are provided to consistent and reliable participants in the free surveys.

Heed Precautionary Warnings

Knowledge is an important precursor to pursuing innovative ways to earning money. Every opportunity to earn money requires care because there are laws that apply to certain categories. The following must be considered prior to embracing any money-making venture:

Every endeavor must be legal and legitimate to avoid problems with the authorities. Any actions that are questionable present risk of lawsuit or arrest. Honest and reliable people will be asked to complete additional work after the first task is completed. Everyone must agree to the terms and the work must be done to the best of the person’s ability. The feelings and opinions of the person paying for assistance are very important.

All instructions must be followed exactly to meet the need in the best possible way. If questions arise, listen to the answers and following instructions. Selling anything requires knowledge of existing prices and market values for the item to be sold. Prices should be set with some room for negotiation. Very low prices will not provide sufficient income to resolve the current cash flow problem.

Food service requires permits that are awarded after health inspections are passed. Simply deciding to make some sandwiches to be sold in a worksite can become a quagmire of issues if proper research is not conducted prior to the outset. Liability insurance may be required for certain jobs that are performed on another person’s property. The decision must be made to acquire this coverage or deny the pursuit of income in this manner. Work for an individual presents risks of injury that will not be covered by insurance.

This situation can be costly for the person without health insurance coverage.

Think to Achieve Results

Sometimes it seems as though everyone else has it easier when it comes to money. Hard work is the best source of consistent income, but there are times that everyone needs additional resources. Having a sense of immediacy can serve as a catalyst for action that will yield fast results to solve the cash flow shortage, but the other result can be a paralyzing fear that prevents resolution.

All of the tips included in this list are meant to trigger ideas that will result in a personal solution to the situation. The actual solution might be something that happens as a result of the research activities that are pursued. Every viable possibility presents the opportunity to solve the problem and help other people along the way.

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