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  • Name: Malevol
  • Nicknames: Moronvol, Furniture
  • Age: Unknown
  • Race: Demon
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Eye Color: Void gray
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Skin Color: Aquamarine
  • Homeworld: Darktime


Malevol is a rather human-looking demon, with a muscular, yet lean body. His hair is blonde and curly, about shoulder-length. His gray eyes give off an aura of near-colorlessness, while his aquamarine skin shines almost like it were metal. His attire consists of light, silver armor on his chest and shoulders on top of a dark gray and red tunic with an open chest, underneath this is a mythril mesh shirt, his lower arms covered with more armor. On the lower half of his body he wears puffy pants and silver greaves atop a pair of black ninja socks, his feet having simple cork sandals. He also wields a living sword that always bleeds.

Combat Style

Not much is known currently about Malevol's current combat style other than he can cut open rifts between dimensions and use them to transport around, most likely to employ hit and run tactics.


Not much is known about Malevol other than him being from Darktime and being a servant of the Lesser Lord, Phobares, Jason Kizumet's archnemesis.

Malevol appeared in Gensokyo due to Mecha Tails finding a fragment of the Darkslayer in the possession of the magician, Marisa Kirisame. His assignment is to retrieve the fragment from MT, although it has already been added to the sword which it belongs to, he is not aware of this. His first act was contacting the darkness youkai, Rumia and telling her he would remove her hair ribbon if she fought MT, who she was denied in eating.

His second course of action was to enter the Netherworld and make threats, walking in on MT, Youmu, and Yuyuko dealing with a mysterious creature, threatening to have the Creature kill them (which the Creature refused), send demons to attack Gensokyo, or, the most threatening, bring Shadowfall there. To top it off, he assumes the Creature may actually be the corrupted soul of the deceased Alisha Shatogi, and uses his assumption to tease MT before deciding to make a hasty retreat upon the threat of being used as a meatshield against the Creature.

Afterward, he has a small conversation with Phobares, who wants the fragment so Jason can never complete the sword. Phobares tells him he does not care about MT or the Creature's identity, just antagonizing Jason, and tells Malevol he only considers him "furniture", to which Malevol agrees.

Malevol reappears again at the Scarlet Devil Mansion after Rumia attacks MT and Remilia Scarlet after they finish a spar, once again being a nuisance and not doing any actual combat - this time, MT uses a flashbang spell on him after he leaves, waking up a Bane Mage in the process. After MT fights the dragon, she is told by it that Malevol plans on unleashing a sealed darkness from Gensokyo upon it.

Perhaps he means to release Rumia's power from its seal. Despite this, however, it also appears he's gathering various demons and forces to help him out with his scheme...

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