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Manong the Bear

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We recently got a second Chinese imperial Shih Tzu. Our first dog is a female and since we bought the second dog to be her mate / companion we decided to call him Manong - a name given to the first male Filipino. :)

About Manong

Manong is 3 months old. He is quite hard to discipline because when you point at him he thinks your finger is a chew toy.

Our first dog thinks that it is a person & is a picky eater. Whereas I am pretty certain Manong thinks it is a dog, but it thinks everything is a toy. Luckily he is not as picky of an eater.




From the archives at The Legend of Shih Tzu on Youtube :D

Manong loves his vitamins!

Best Dog on Earth

Manong was sans rival. No dog could compare.

  • He dedicated his life and existence to Love us unconditionally
  • Looks and deeply stares at us to show how much he loves us and needs us
  • Would wait by the door for our arrival
  • Would scratch and sometimes break down doors in order to be with us. He only broke a door once, but who knew a 12 pound Shih Tzu could do that?
  • Easy to potty train. Learned how to use puppy pads in a day
  • Low maintenance, makes it so much easier for us to take care of him. He spoiled.
  • Not messy
  • Easy to feed
  • When pushing him in the stroller, he would rather look at us and how much he loves us than look around. He does it wagging his tail while wearing a disarming smile. Even when he was days from a sudden and untimely death & getting sick he hid the sickness and acted like the happiest dog in the world.
  • Not needy
  • Doesn't whine
  • Doesn't bark, very quiet. Only barks when he wants to be with us, when we play with him in a way that really gets him excited, or wants to greet us when we arrive home.
  • Not moody
  • Always has a happy demeanor and a positive attitude
  • He's obedient and comes to us when we call him, even when waking him up from sleep with bed head and being half awake
  • Beautiful inside and out
  • Loves meeting new people
  • Loves children
  • He was so emotive and in tune with our feelings that he would "play" with his raccoon toy upon hearing us kiss
  • Not aggressive to other male or female dogs. Very friendly
  • Senses our emotions. Knows and acknowledges when we're happy, sad, angry and worried.
  • Loves to show affection by kissing us endlessly
  • His happiest place on earth is when he is getting petted on our laps
  • When he is frightened from rain and thunderstorms, he would seek protection from us
  • When he is in the company of one of us and gets called by the other, he would seek permission to leave by turning at midpoint to look us in the face and nonverbally asking "is it ok if I go now" looking for any signal or indication that says "come back."


This dog was the most loyal dog I've ever known. Sadly he perished at a young age.

He was born on April 25, 2010 and died on March 19, 2017.

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