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Market Analytics Project

Introduction : Marketing Problem

What is the MBASA?

The MBASA is the NC State University's MBA Student Association. It was founded in 2003 by the students in response to a perceived need for extracurricular and co-curricular activities to "broaden" the MBA experience. According to the organization's constitution:-

The NC State MBA Student Association (MBASA) was formed for the purpose of building a network among MBA students. The MBASA provides a chance for students to interact with fellow students, faculty, business leaders, and the surrounding community. The organization offers a series of activities to address professional and business issues that are not generally included in the formal program but are critical to the overall MBA experience.

NC State's MBA Program has recently been accorded the twenty-fifth rank according to Fortune Magazine. This is a rare honor for a young program that is only four years old and reflects the strong curriculum, talented students and employer's preference for recruits with a mix of technology and business skills. The program consists of two main groups - full-timers, who are currently unemployed and devote all their time to the MBA program, and part-timers who are already employed in companies in the region and are pursuing their MBA education through evening classes.

These part-timers are approximately 100 students that have significantly more experience than the full-time students and one of the goals of the MBASA is to foster interaction between the full-timers and the part-timers to learn, share and network. However, finding activities to events to draw the busy students and appeal to the majority are hard to find and organize.

One of the first challenges to the organization was to discover what MBA students needed to "broaden" themselves and the best way to achieve this. From its inception, the organization has conducted an annual survey of the student body to establish both demographic information and activity and event preferences. In previous years, the data gathered has never been analyzed to uncover patterns. Specifically, we hypothesize that what was being seen was an "average" NC State MBA student without realizing that there might be different grouping and clustering invisible to the untrained eye.

Problems faced recently

More recently, the MBASA has run into problems. Here listed are some of the problems faced:-

  • Inability to recruit the majority of the MBA students into the organization
  • Finding activities that met the needs of all types of students

In the recent annual survey of the MBA students conducted by the MBASA, 91 students responded to various questions posed about demographics and preferences for various social, professional and educational activities.

Marketing Analytics as help

Research Plan : Data & Analysis Methods




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