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Meddling Monkeys FAQ

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Q: How do I gain MonkeyBucks?

A: There are 3 ways to get MonkeyBucks. The first is to sell medals in your shops, but the faster and more common way is to win the MonkeyLotto while shopping in the supermarkets. You won't win all the time, though. ;)

MM-monkeylotto-win.gif MM-monkeylotto-nowin.gif

The final way is to level up, which gives you 1000 MBs.

Q: How often do Medals restock?

A: The medals restock quicker if more people visit the supermarket. If you keep visiting, then the medal that you are looking for will be back in stock.

Q: I see that there are medals that are only found in treasure chests. Where are these treasure chests located?

A: When shopping in the supermarkets, occasionally a banner with a pirate monkey and treasure chest appear. The link to the treasure cards are found here.


Q: What are artefacts?

A: Artefacts are reward medals for finishing sets.

Q: What are chrome cards?

A: Chrome cards are rare and can be obtained when making market purchases or by combining ingredient cards. There is no way to tell when a chrome card will appear, but you'll definitely know it when it does.

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