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This wiki is associated with the MensaZA forum (Yahoo group). The aim is to provide a complementary medium better suited to persistent topics. There is a pronounced tendency for certain themes, e.g. religious debates, to resurface regularly and it has been pointed out that some arguments are repeated almost verbatim. A set of mature, well-crafted statements that serve as basis for debate and jump-off point for newcomers, may therefore be useful. Here such arguments can be formulated and maintained in a collaborative manner.

These pages aren't meant to replace activity on the MensaZA forum. It is simply an easily accessible and extensible repository of frequently encountered content. In addition, it can serve as a handy information point for SIGs. Anybody on the forum, or with Internet access for that matter, can access and contribute to it. If you are new to this wiki, or wikis in general, have a look at frequently asked questions. References to Swampthing, including literalism and Wongism, serve as examples.

You may also be interested in an archaeological excavation of the MensaZA forum archives.


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