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My name is Michael and I have an intrestering life. I enjoy computers for a living. I decided to make a wiki page to have an open to anyone webpage. Now If I have my facts wrong you can change them...

  • Eample of a fact: I put "Cats can run up to 10 Miles an hour.
  • If you know, with sources that cats run, for example 20 miles and not 10, you can change it.
  • Example of something you would leave alone: "Cats are the best runners."
  • You are also welcome to correct grammer.
  • Do NOT abuse this new system.
  • If you want to discuss the content of this page click discussion at the top.
  • Please use Proper Grammer! ("u" or "y" are not words!)
  • Links are added to the bottom section.
  • All information is provided WITHOUT warranty or responsibility to contents.

Contact Me

  • AIM
    • Michael 9810
    • Thisizmichael17
  • Google Talk/MSN/Email
    • Michael16 at Gmail dot com

My School

The school I go to is Mariner High School is located in Cape Coral, Florida. My school is about 1 mile away from my house, so that is convient. I have a hard time getting girlfriends there so I look elesewhere. But besides that it is a great school. I love some of their teachers.

My School Schdule

  • 1st Period - Business Math
    • Ms. J. Casey
  • 2nd Period - Econmics
    • Mr. D. Dunavin
  • 3rd Period - Digitial Design 2
    • Mr. B. Landau
  • 4th Period - American History
    • Mr. M. Shamrock
  • 5th Period - Anontomy
    • Ms. T. Jamison
  • 6th Period - Drawing
    • Mr. M. Cardeanis
  • 7th Period - English 4
    • Mr. R. Romano

ASL - Age Sex Location

"I am a 17 year old male who lives in florida."

- Now dont ask!


This is my website and webblog. You may comment to the blog. This website describes my life and intrest.

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