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Radio Station [[M5KVK]] comprises the following equipment:
== HF ==
I have an [[Icom 756Pro]], which I purchased from Waters and Stanton. This really is a beautiful rig and will keep me happy for a long time. Apart from the poor internal keyer, which I replaced with a [[Logikey]], I have nothing but praise.
Despite what I've said about the [[Icom 756Pro]], I purchased an [[Elecraft K2]] kit back in December 2004. I started to build it, but what with all the changes in my life since then it is sitting in a box awaiting a bit more of my time.
I also have a [[Yaesu FT817]] for portable work and [[Summits On the Air (SOTA]], though I am yet to get going on that.
== VHF/UHF ==
* [[Yaesu]] [[FT736R]] transceiver fitted with 6M, 2M and 70cms modules and [[http://www.mutekrf.freeserve.co.uk Mutek]] front end. I intend disposing of this as I do no VHF/UHF work at all except for mobile stuff for [[RAYNET]]
* [[Alinco]] [[DR560]] VHF/UHF hand-held radio. Used almost exclusively for [[RAYNET]] activities.
* [[Icom]] [[IC-E92D]] VHF/UHF hand-held with [[D-Star]] capability
== Aerials ==
Due to severe space restrictions, on HF I am using a long wire tuned by a [[SG 230]] antenna coupler.
On VHF I used to have a 6 ele X-Yagi on the front of the house, but when we had an extension built this all came down and has not been put back up again, so all I have at the moment is a 7/8 vertical on 2M and a 3 x 5/8 on 70cm; both of them in the extension’s roof space.
== Update ==
Nothing up right now as I have just moved
== Software ==
=== Logging ===
* [[Logic6]] from Personal Database Applications.
=== Digital Modes ===
* [[MixW2]] from UT2UZ.
=== Other Software ===
* [[DXTelnet]]
* [[TRX-Manager]]
* [[DX-Atlas]]
== Miscellaneous ==
* [[Kantonics KPC3 Plus]] [[TNC]]
* [[Datong AF1]] Audio Filter
* [http://www.analog.com Analog Devices] [[ADSP-21xx]] [[DSP]] evaluation kit on which I run a variety of experimental [[DSP]] modules.
== Numerous [[Computers]] ==

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