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Ncstate:Before you leave

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Preparing for the US
Before you leave
Packing your Bags
Traveling to the US
Arriving at NC State
Living at NC State
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Health Checkup

Get a complete health check-up done. This information is necessary for the Medical Records form - one of the other confusing pieces of documentation NC State requires.

Several vaccine shots are required (e.g Tetanus) and some are recommended (e.g Meningococcal vaccine). Hepatitis-A vaccines require a 6 month time frame to deliver so act now to avoid having to pay for costly shots in the US.

Make sure that your TB test reading has been noted down on the form, signed by your doctor. Some of the doctors back in India say that since you have taken a BCG shot at the time of your birth, your TB test is bound to result in a positive and it is true. However, NC State University requires a clear reading of this test on the form and hence make sure that you have it. Ask you doctor to put up a 'necessary' reading there ;)

Dental Work

Costs for dental treatment in the USA are astronomical. Listed below are the average fees charged by dentists in Raleigh.

  • Exam and Cleaning: $70 - $100
  • Fillings: $100 - $150
  • Root Canals: $500 - $1000

Source: www.bracesinfo.com

Please get your teeth checked up by a competent dentist in India long before you leave, just in case any time-consuming root canals need to be done. You may want to carry two tubes of toothpaste and several toothbrushes.

Please ask your dentist to check your wisdom teeth as well. Impaction may require surgery before you leave.

Travel Insurance

Before you finalise any travel plans, please get yourself Travel Insurance. It costs somewhere between Rs. 1,500 - 2,000 and is available from any of the big insurance firms like ICICI Lombard, LIC or Oriental Insurance. You can even get your policy done online with ICICI Lombard - very convenient when in a time crunch. ALso ,get insurance for your initial 1-2 months only as everyone at NC State compulsarily has to take Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Your travel insurance must cover upto and beyond your first day at school from where your mandatory Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance should take over. You do not want to be uncovered from insurance here. To give you an idea of medical costs, it would be cheaper to fly to India to get a root canal done than to do it here.

Notify Maitri

Maitri, the Indian Students organization, does a very good job of coordinating pickups and temporary accomodation. However, you must inform them in advance as soon as (and only if) your plans are final.

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