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Preparing for the US
Before you leave
Packing your Bags
Traveling to the US
Arriving at NC State
Living at NC State
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  • Q. What appliances come with each apartment ?
  • A. All rented apartments by default come with a fridge, stove (gas or electric), with oven and centrally AC'd. A washer/dryer is included in some apts but the rent here is typically higher by about $50. It's completely worth it - you don't realise how annoying it is to go out of your house in the middle of winter to wash a big pile of clothes, not to mention keeping quarters handy whenever you need them.
  • Q. What does one do in the winter break ? Can you work ?
  • A. If one is lucky and working in the right place ( eg - the library ), you are OFFICIALLY allowed to work full 40hrs/week during winter break. This is a big mis-conception among students and is absolutely legal. It is a good time to find employment in one of the residence halls or the library which are typically under-staffed during this time.
  • Q. What are the internship possibilities for students ?
  • A. Quite good - most students get internships during summer - however this is only possible after 9 months of studying - i.e in summer. You can earn quite a bit - maybe save up to buy a car or for a sizeable percentage of one semester fees.
  • Q. What about Indian stores ? What spices will we need ?
  • A. With the new baggage rules I would recommend concentrating on your books, clothes and utensils (expensive here) and focus last on getting food items. This bluwiki has a list of stuff you can think about bringing. Remember that you will not need them till you get your own house and you can even buy those things here. Isn't it more expensive ? Yes, but what is the opportunity cost of that stuff in your suitcase vs more expensive stuff ?
  • Q. When is the best time to arrive ?
  • A. Arriving early is obviously better but around three weeks before classes start gives you sufficient time to settle and search on-campus jobs. The earlier you arrive, the better your chances of getting an on-campus job.
  • Q. Can I bring three suitcases? Will they charge me in the US for my extra suitcase ?
  • A. This is something you never can tell. Most people got thru ok but a few people were charged in the past. Quite often if the connecting domestic airline is a partner airline, this is favourable for you as you can check-in through from India itself. Be sure to check with the airline before you leave. In any case, keep the extra money in hand.

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