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PackRat - Tips and Tricks

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These are tips & tricks for the PackRat facebook application (http://apps.facebook.com/packrat/)

The rats are stealing! Be careful, the developers have updated the game so that the rats in your friend list can now steal from you.

Beginner tips

First, read the help files. Most of the basic gameplay is covered there.

Earning Credits:

  • Invite friends: An easy way to gain cards and credits is to invite your friends. Inviting friends will also make the game more enjoyable, and give you more people to steal cards from. There is a daily limit on the number of friends you can invite, so be sure to check back regularly.
    • Be warned, your friends can steal from you! Your friends will not immediately know the value of the cards they might steal, so make sure to point them to this wiki and explain recipes to them. Otherwise you might find yourself an unhappy camper who has just had his/her castle stolen.
  • Pop-ups

Need cards? Once you have credits, there are several ways to buy them:

Pack full?

  • Obviously one option is get a set and vault it. If you don't want to do that, or don't have the packspace, there's two other approaches to reduce your card count:
  • Make easy recipes by stealing from the rats. Usually the 3x of low-value cards are good candidates. For example, Goldfish, Scrolls, Bucklers, Chopsticks, Maki Rolls, LPs, Happy Bees, and Apples can all be good depending on availability in the rats. This approach requires three slots and frees two of them.
  • Steal a lock and expire it. After three uses, locks evaporate. Simply lock and unlock stuff with the same lock and eventually the lock will disappear. This approach only requires one slot and frees it, but can take far longer than the previous due setting locks taking time.

Player terminology:

  • FFA: Free for all, you steal from anyone and everyone who is your friend and you expect them to do the same to you.
  • Grinding - A person steals and drops the same item for points. The only purpose of grinding is to increase your level
  • Invite Bonus - The card that pops up after inviting friends. Usually about 5 invites sent per card.
  • Vault Bonus - Cards that are automatically added to your pack after you vault a set.
  • Pop-Up - A card that randomly pops up when scrolling through packs.
  • Surfing - Scrolling through packs for credits or Pop ups
  • Blacklist - Certain players keep a list of other players that they believe are “Rats”
  • Also see: PackRat - All Terms

Styles of Play:

  • Co-Op: Players agree to play Co-operatively & not to steal off limits items which are listed in smack talk in the bottom left hand side of the screen. These players also help other players complete sets.
    • note - a lot of co-op players play an “all off limits” game where nothing can ever be stolen without express consent from the pack owner.
  • Hermit: Players do not have (or have very few) packrat friends other than the rats. They will friend to trade but quickly de-friend afterwards.
  • FFA (Free For All): These players play the game the way it was originally intended. Steal & be stolen from.
  • Rat: These players friend you to trade under the guise of being co-op, steal from you then quickly de-friend.

Misc Tips:

  • Recipes can be found here http://packrat.bluwiki.com this site will practically be your packrat bible.
  • When your pack is full, steal a lock from a rat, go to lock something in your pack but refresh your screen 3 times, return to your pack and your lock will have been used up and you will be left with a space.
  • You don’t have to vault 5 of the same thing, you can vault as little as 5 different things from the same set. You can vault 15 different items from the same set if you want.
  • When working on older sets its easier to get the higher recipes done first and work your way down.
  • Try not to carry a full pack, you wont get pop ups if your pack is full.
  • To pay someone in credits, you click break lock on a locked item in their pack and refresh your screen the amount of times x 10 the credits you owe them (each attempt pays them 10 credits so 100 credits is 10 refreshes)
  • If there is an item you want in multiple markets try to buy it from the market that moves the slowest (London & NY have really slow turn over rates)
  • Just above the words “Buy Now” in the market, there is a blue line. This line indicates how much of said item is left.

Advanced tips

One of the best tips i can give is to make as many recipes as you can. In making a recipe you have to trade in 3 cards for 1 but you get the full value of all three cards that you trade in, plus you get a better item that you can vault later and get more points for it when you do so. I started making recipes on my first day playing and i made it to level 21 with 215 thousand points so it does help alot.


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