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Pathfinders Pride

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Pathfinder's Pride:

Cats have a remarkably good sense of direction. With this gift, a Bastet may improve that knack to find his way out of most kinds of mazes, deserts or woodlands. Worthy folk may learn this Gift from Bird-spirits, but no werecat willingly admits to it in public. System: Invoking this Gift requires a Perception + Subterfuge roll. The difficulty depends on the area's complexity: a large flat desert or small forest would be 5 or 6, a vast expanse or complicated maze might be 7 or 8, and a primordial rain forest would be 8 or 9. Magical confusion spells, like the Garou Gift: Trackless Waste, can be undone with difficulties 9 or 10. Pathfinder's Pride does not provide any kind of travel; the werecat merely discovers the way out getting to the exit is her problem.

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