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Project Hamlet

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  • Ken
  • SeanActon
  • Zhang
  • Jiajia

This is the page for this year's Hamlet Project, and therefore should not be confused with the VGOC party named Project Hamlet.


  • Video camera - Provided by Seanacton? Yeah, i got your videocamera right here!!!
  • Costumes

Ken: It would be nice if you guys can send me some music for the movie, and the text for the ending credit

I just did Ken. Check your Gmail and Hotmail.


The movie will be filmed at various locations. The background involves a martial arts battle set during the late Ming Dynasty. The storyline basically says that Han Lei's father, Han Le, has been killed by Keluo Guowang using stolen chi. Han Lei must now avenge his father's death. The battle will involve chi and choreography. Basically, the way Lan Dehui kills Han Lei, and vice-versa, is thru "redirected chi".

I think it should be mostly in the girl's gym and the hallway, and should basically be Act 5, Scene ii.


Now, script. What follows is to be the subtitles to be put into the film (and general director's editing notes). Please do not alter them, we need one unified thought at this point. And remember to make sure you specify, each time a subtitle appears, who is speaking. Ok:

  • Opening: Some nature scene with wind blowing or some generic chinese scene. Then, Keluo sitting in chair, lifts head. Freeze frame and dim. The following text appears (centred)(this can also be voiced over if we want, cause it might be nice to have at least one English speaking bit): 'Ken: If any of you want to do the voice over, just send it to me and I'll put it in.

Big title: 1104 A.D., the Song Dynasty (to some warriors or fire in the background with noise)

(new frame) Kaifeng, China

(new frame, smaller text) It has been several months since the tragic death of Emperor Han Le, the Northern Capital of Kaifeng has fallen into turmoil. Han Lei, the emperor's son and heir, having sensed an imbalance in Qi energy flow, set out to prove that his father had been murdered by his uncle Keluo. After a long and exhaustive quest, Han Lei sensed a great disturbance in qi energy flow that pinpointed Keluo, the new Emperor, ing had in fact used an unprecedented technique to manipulate the dark Qi and slay Han Le during his sleep.

(new frame)

Now, having escaped a desperate attempt by Emepror Keluo to see him drowned in the Yangtze River, Han Lei has returned to take his vengeance upon China's newest Emperor. However, Lan Dehui, recent victim of Han Lei's dark and ill fated quest, also returned to avenge his father's demise. The Emperor capitalized immediately on Lan Dehui's anger and persuaded him to aid him in his final attempt to rid the Empire of Han Lei. Han Lei must now seek the advice of his friend and only trusted advisor, Ruishou, hoping to sort out all that has gone on in his absence and defeat the usurper once and for all.

(New frame)

Jinix Presents

(new frame)

A VGOC production

(new frame)

The Tragedy of Han Lei

(All these frames are played while the opening scene is in motion. Now begin credits of actors)

  • First scene (Han Lei and Ruishou walking down a hallway)

Han Lei: Come listen to how I defeated the villains, Lou Zenra and Gou Dan, on their boat to Japan. Ruishou: Please, my Master, tell. H: I sensed their ill intent early, and so investigated their orders.

R: And what occured? My master?

H: And I found they had been ordered to have me slain on the very river where we drifted.

R: O what villainy!

H: Indeed, but when I was discovered, such a fierce battle ensued that I was scarce sure I would triumph.

R: But you stand here now.

H: Yes, my friend, because dark Qi will never overcome the light. I sunk their boat and left them to the mercy of the savage river, but they escaped to shore. They hired a rickshaw, but I used my chi to charge them against the wind element. I myself flew to safety.

R: Brilliant, my master, but there is worse to face now, the Emperor desires that you fight Lan DeHui in the upcoming Imperial Martial Arts Trials.

H: Indeed. He who murdered my father, took my mother, and stole my place as Son of Heaven. He will pay. I will face Lan DeHui, and the Emperor will die.

  • Second Scene (King from out behind the curtains)

Ke Luo: My queen? (queen bows)

K: No, rise, rise. I have prepared a grand competition.

  • Third Scene (Han Lei apologizes)

H: Lan DeHui, my friend, I have wronged you indeed. I was not myself and I apologize, please find it in your heart to forgive a poor wretch.

Lan DeHui: I am humbled, my master. I have made mine own mistakes as well.

H: No, stand, you are my equal here, Lan Dehui.

L: Thank you, but you realize that I must keep my filial piety and my ancestral ways. You have killed my father. I still must kill you.

H: Very well, come.

  • Fourth Scene (Ruishou enters the ring)

R: Lan Dehui! Han Lei! Enter and prepare.

(Preparatory Stances) (Fighting, white frame with every punch and lots of heavy sound effects) (With the Qi push, a big explosion would sound awesome and long white screen, followed by some dimming effect to make it seem dusty) H: Come, we must fight elsewhere, if we continue here we will endanger the peasants.

(Jumping Scene)

(Now comes the really long fight, do everything you can to make this look good: blurring, flashes with punches and super speed. Awesome battle music is also a necessity. Please don't cop out on this scene, if you do, the purpose of the film is lost.)(Fill in the subtitles where needed with random lines like "Hah! I have you now!" "Ultimate Fury Punch Technique" "You can't escape!" "Your soul is mine!" "I will destroy you!" "Its over, I have the high ground!" "Damn, how can he be so fast?" etc.)

  • Sixth scene (King interrupts, weapons given)

K: Hold! This battle must be decided honourably! Hand them their weapons!

(fighting proceeds (make it look awesome) random quotes)

K: Oh no. Lan DeHui! Lan Dehui will be defeated. I must enact my plan. Grrrrrrrr!!!!!. Poison Soul Needle!!!!!!!

H: Hah hah!... What? Qi Needles? Damn! Yin and Yang: Qi Reversal Technique!

K: Ah!

Q: Ahhhh!! Ahhh! And thus I die!!!

K: Ge Tu! You can't! My harem will be lost without you!

L: Hah hah, now my ultimate attack! Treacherous Heart Qi Strike!

H: Ahhhhhh! The poison Qi!!!

(Turns, rips out heart) L: Oh, I am slain. Han Lei, I'm sorry, my treachery was unjust. But please, you must destroy the weed of the Empire at its roots. The Emperor, slay him. Avenge his late Imperial Majesty. Avenge the Song Dynasty!

(climactic choking scene)

  • Seventh Scene (Han Lei dies, and Fau Yuan comes)

H: Ruishou, I am dead. Please, friend, you must take the crown.

R: No. I am but a qi-less courtier, I would rather die.

H: Stay your hand, do not corrupt your Qi. Let Fu Dingbao rule in my place then. I entrust my empire in his hands...

R: Ay! My lord. It shall be done. Good night, your imperial highness.

Fu Dingbao: What has happened here? So many slain. Let the wretched usurper lie in the ground. Han Lei, you are avenged. Rest in peace, I will rule justly rule the Great Song Empire in your stead. Han Lei must be given a qi-gathering send-off. The country shall mourn.

(End credits)(Cool music and bloopers during ending credits Thank Mrs. Brown.)


How're we co-ordinating the backwards jumping scenes?

Can special effects be done? i.e "Black chi" hits Han Lei/ DeHui

Heres an idea, fighting will be done slow motion, that way it will look cool when sped up to normal speed

K sure but then we need to add in sound effects. Hows Monday afterschool for filming?


  • Ken Jin as Han Lei (Hamlet)
  • Jiajia Sun as Lan Dehui (Laertes)
  • Michael Zhang as King Keluo (King Claudius)
  • Seanacton as various roles (including Osric, Horatio, Queen etc.)

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