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*Where does the movie go after Bobby dies? '''Nick Says: To a Castle (Possibly Zanzibar.)'''
*Where does the movie go after Bobby dies? '''Nick Says: To a Castle (Possibly Zanzibar.)'''
*When should we start filming? '''Nick Says: Let's start yesterday.'''
*When should we start filming? '''Nick Says: Let's start yesterday.'''

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The Special Movie, codenamed Project Projecto or simply Project-O is a movie project conducted by four members of VGOC for a certain thing happening later. After every meeting (Classified as 3 or 4 talking about how to do things), update this page as neccesary.

Headline text

OI!!!! problems. okay. so. this just shows our really bad scene planning. what we have is... basically... people appearing in arbitrary positions.

im sure all of you remember jia jia standing alone going "seriously, no one needs to shit that much" as soon as thats over, the scene jumps to a group shot. did jia jia teleport? we have to do a little bit of re-filming of "rise and shine" cuz it doesn't flow well. and i think omarg will get confused.

but yeah... fulton, i got a CD with the first draft movie on it. you can see it on monday (which, relative to my time right now, is tomorrow).

cheers yo,

Oleg Video larger.jpg "....yeah..... he's gonna be a while...."

 :D with stuff cropped to proper resolution. this is "full quality" im sure i could squess another inch on if im lucky.
lol... "squess"... haha man i was tired. ... "SQUEEZE"

Hope.JPG "...ever wonder why we're here?..."

full res :D:D its pretty big eh?


Nick Says: It still does, simply because this site retains the history of past entries

Just so were clear, its spelt Omarg Pooparn, just so everyone knows. Im not saying anyone made a mistake Nick Says: inserted a dash to help in avoiding Omarg possibly finding this sight on one of his random name searches.


sweet! i did a mini scene by myself with a white guy and a purple guy fixing the tank.... and the white guy bitching aobut it. its funny i'll email it to you all.... ish

Recent Changes

Alright, folks, only a small push to the finish. Lets work! And a thousand some views? Who the hell looks at this??


  • Director: Fire Crotch/Hope
  • concepts: Hope
  • Scene Writer: MF
  • Consultant: Zhang
  • Comedy Director: Jiajia
  • Stunt Coordinator: Nick
  • Puppeteering: Jiajia, MF, Hope, Nick
  • Voicework: MF, Hope and Nick as themselves, Jiajia as himself and Curtis, Zhang as himself and Omarg
  • Voice Cameos: Bobby, Nathan. "Ken-like figure"

Character Assessments


Omarg, being the centre of attention and protagonist for the movie, rarely appears. When he does he is usually found mumbling various catchphrases, and using the word "basically". He emerges from the toilet only near the end of the movie, and is guided by the supreme power of Zhang to save everyone.


hope appears as a loud mouth wise-crack asshole that has nothing nice to say and is always defending himself against insults with dumb comebacks. i.e. "you drive like my grandma"
while lacking obvious driving skillz, he seems to be the only one who manages to sucessfully operate a land vehicle and is prone to state the obvious. "michael's fire crotch" and "hey look! i think zhang is drowning!"

Jia Jia

jia jia is somewhat of an intellectual and is always dissing hope about his driving skillz. he is always ready with a solution to a problem. "what, is Omarg just gonna show up and drop us a banshee?"
jia jia's rifle handling capabilities are slightly under par when compared to rocks. examples are: the rocks out side of red base, the rocks outside of blue base, the rocks in the middle of blood gulch, the rock that tucker drew on and various other rocks that one encounters throughout halo 2 multiplayer maps.
during the fight with the aliens, jia jia is seen shooting at an alien and then the camera pans to the alien un harmed with a silouhette of bullet holes behind him on a wall.


mike is often depicted as the one who is able to properly assess the situation at hand. he is often victimized "k, we only have one vehicle left... and bobby can't even fly the darn thing.... and then he just crashed it too. damnit" and "fire crotch". He is, in reality, the only character with a positive image in the movie.
mike is also able to handle a rifle quite well. we see him an nick in a corordinated team effort when the wave of elites rushes from a base. he occasionally make descisions.


nick is a wise old fker. he is able to point out the falicies in peoples actions "bobby, isn't that your moms tank?" and "hope, are you retarded? how is that safer?"
like michael, nick has superior gun skillz. and 1337 ability to kill things. he is also has a dry sence of humor (we have to write nick's jokes like he would say them)


zhang will eventually die. He is a very straight forward person and attempts to make himself look better with various special powers he claims to possess. He is terrible in combat. Zhang is also known for his ability to make careless mistakes. thus, the hole. however after zhang's death, he appears back with Omarg by using the force and guides him to the hole where he rescues the remaining members of the group.

Nick Says: kk, I think Zhang is bashed far too much in this film... I think he should have some sort of extremely awesome moment to redeem him of all this crap, or just generally do some good things....we don't want Omarg to look at this film and rememebr zhang as some sort of moron...Thats how we want him to remember Prasun.

[hopebotnote: i agree. i do believe that zhang eventually becomes an obi-wan kenobi figure. and guides Omarg somehow. that part of the script has yet to be written. does anyone have ideas?]

MF hasn't written it yet, but Zhang will redeem himself in a great way at the end. He screws up, but saves everyone and is very great by the end of it all. Go him.

And Nick doesnt get bashed at all. Stupid Nick ad his 1337ness

oh, haha, thats what YOU think. nick has a wonderful musical solo now.....

And I commit suicide in the end


bobby is depicted as a small child trapped in a 43 year-old's body. he has not yet been exposed to reproduction and has no idea what anal sex is. he steals his moms tank... runs away from a strip club... and is used as a walking bomb.


is left behind at the beginning of the movie


Evil antagonist. Leaves note on Omargs bed in attempt to seduce Omarg. And make friends. Finds beauty in Prasun's mangled corpse.




as you know, we will need some nice music for an introduction... and in video music aswell. i suggest sticking to max two bands/composers.

hopebot suggestions:

  • soft music bands/composers
final fantasy music
john williams music
chick flick soundtracks
frank sinatra <--- looking liek a primary <--- download "dancing cheek to cheek" this will be our musical piece. Jia-Frank Sinatra.... Do we want words in the music? That may be distracting...[hopebot: change if you wish lol. make suggestions. what to do... is more productive than what not to do]
  • faster upbeat music bands/composers
Henry Mancini <--- good introduction music.
russian techno <--- can be flipped to while listening to mexican music
Anberlin <--- its realyl good music also. i suggest this for regular listening. also makes nice ... calm/upbeat music.
  • angry music bands
Louis XIV <---- a french band. has sexual flare to it. could be used?
Billy Talent. May be classified as emo.
  • other suggestions
Pink Floyd <--- has nice rythms. too much singing.

Hopes pick: so far i like death cab for cutie. the one song that works well for a calm/tranquil moment is "Brothers on a hotel Bed" yes... i know awkward. but its got a nice long musical interlude. works well for a cut scene.

MF's Comments: First of all, your music is a cross between Gus Sorola (Simmons on RVB, check out his profile on the site), and Seth Cohen (But only Zhang also watches OC). Nonetheless, Yellowcard is pretty good. You have to realize that we only need music in a few spots - Opening, driving (Russian Techno here), flashback, fighting, and the closing. Music during the conversations would just detract. I also think we should throw the Halo theme in there at one point. It's fun. If you want a good example of music to put in, try the Codex's fight scenes, they've got good music.

Jia: Well, I'm not a big music guy, but it hink there should be something other than music playing in the background all the time. Music will become distracting. For the scenes in the bright outdoor areas (coagulation) we should have a "nature" track (birds, wind, etc.) Stuff like that, y'know?

Anyone up for using FruityLoops or the newer, better program to make some background music for us?

Nick: AHAHA great idea for fight scene...I think it should be Hope and I just saying "Battle Music, Battle Music!" to a beat, like we do in band. If you listen closely sometimes, you may be able to hear the faint whisper of it during band class.

If you guys have heard "Santaria" by Sublime I think it would be good for the driving scene with Mexican music. I also have "Jambalaya", which is total shit, but fits the scene perfectly. Have to show you guys sometime. Jarkis [hopebotnote: woot!]


"it was a dark time for the human race, natural disasters, war on terror, conservative canada... the world thought it was over...."

"however, dark forces were emerging. and in the last day's of Omarg's stay in Canada, a long forgoten social reject, plotted to attempt to make friends by sending mysterious letters to people he wanted to sodomize..."

"this is a story of friendship, trust and .... oh YAY! titties!"

  • smacking sound*

"ow *cough* achem... and ...young ladies."

"very YOUNG ladies..."

"this is...... the <Last name removed for stealth>(with the lin crossed out)phile story"

Various Ideas

Presumably, the princess is trapped in some kind of castle somewhere. What works well for castle? Some kind of well-defended fortress.

I think Nick or Zhang should say "Machina" sometime during the thing. <---- if you think it should happen, write it in cuz i know nothing about it.

Hope Can't Drive

NOTICE: MF has written a draft of this part in the main script. It has a few changes, but sticks to this for the most part. The master script will be available at school for viewing every day.

nick: hey guys! look what i found on Omarg's bed!
jia: what? did you find some random note from a 7 year-old girl who wants him to save her?
nick: haha... well lets see what the note says..."help Omarg, im trapped and need saving! im a 7-year-old girl!"
  • jia jia and nick just stand there speechless, then burst into laugher*
nick: haha let me go show this to Omarg.
  • nick finds Omarg in outhouse making really loud shitting noises...*
nick: Omarg...My god, what are you doing in there? {J-Idea: SOme uses the flame thrower to it looks like a giant fart}
Omarg: well...uh...basically, I'm taking a sh*t!
nick: Ugh, the whole bloody valley is going to smell like ass muffins... (wonders away mumbling curses)
  • nick returns to Jia Jia*
nick: k...he wont be out for a while.
jia: lets go save her ourselves and bring her back to Omarg for his going away present.
nick: cool, wait, it says here that shes locked up in... derrkaderrkastan... man thats a long ways off...we'll have to get the warthog.
hope: hey can i drive?
jia: no, you suck at driving.
hope: boo, well, you drive like my grandma.
jia: at least ur grandma didn't hit a lamp post.
hope: just get in.
  • mexican music starts playing*
nick: damnit hope, what is this?!
hope: hey, it's either this or Omarg's russian techno.
unanimous "oh... yeah."

Forgotten Luggage

This scene in the script involves Nathan running up, and asking if he can come. Hope says no, and runs him over. Then he gets back up, and is killed by Nick. Which way should we do it, script way or this way? ~MF

  • nathan walks by*
nathan: hey guys! wait up!!!!
  • nick runs him over with a banshee*

scene fades...

Fire Crotch

MF wrote this as Zhang throwing a nade in order to actually help, and accidentally sticking MF in the crotch. The armour isn't flexible, so MF can't see it, and only Nick realizes what's going on. He says it, MF gets mad, then it explodes.

Note: Who throws the nade?

hope: hey man... did you hear that?
mike: no... what was it?
hope: i dunno, but it sounded like something fizzing.
mike: oh...
  • hope turns around*
hope: whoa, whats that?
mike: what?
hope: haha, uhh, mike? whats that pulsating blue thing on ur crotch?
mike: what? is it a spider?
hope: no it's liek ur crotch is on fire.
mike: what? get it off!
hope: haha, hey mike,ur actually a fire crotch!!!
mike: shutup, it might be dangerous!
  • BOOM!!!*
hope: holyshit!
jiajia: holyshit!
nick: habbubaldargarhar!!!

The Miracle

looks like MF agrees. wooting! we're go for filming this part.

  • Camera on Michael*
jia: (whaks Michael) uhh... mike are you okay?
hope: oh, man... i hope he didn't die...
jia: man what happened?
  • suddenly mike hopes up*
nick: holy shit that scared me!
jia: what the? how'd you survive? it looked like ur dong exploded or something.
mike: well you see, i wear a titanium penis shield (why the hell would you wear a condom 24-7??) every moment that i am awake...
hope: dude.
mike: i suppose that when the fuzzy thing blew up, the polished surface of the Shield deflected the blast and simple pushed me back without causing further harm.
nick: wouldn't the intense heat of the blast fuse the titanium to you dong?
mike: ....um....
  • mike turns around and looks down as if to check inside his pants*
  • turns back around*
mike: ................ *looks alittle to the side*..... *coughs*
hope and jia jia: .............................HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

MF thinks this goes best just after Bobby dies. {J- How bout before bobby dies? after bobby's deatha nd blowing up of base, there should be no more elites}

Omarg exits the can, inserted somewhere in between where everybody else is still on the adventure.

  • Omarg exits bathroom, looks around, and finds no one
Omarg: Rah (hits something) Where the f*ck is everybody!?

Boy Meets World

MF wrote this scene pretty much just like here. Doesn't need much work. If there's anything major, say it now, otherwise we'll just take it as written until recording time.

nick: what the?
jia: hey hope turn right over there.. whats that smoke?
nick: haha hey look its bobby and michael zhang.
jia: ohhhh michael... lao ge mur...
zhang: ohh jia jia.... hao chang si jian bu jian le...
nick: wow... wtf happened to you guys?... hey wait... bobby, isn't that ur mom's tank?
zhang: well nick... you see...
ripples to the past as michael recounts the story*
zhang: bobby, how did you get the tank?
bobby: my mom wasn't driving me to school so i just stole it.
zhang: what? what, you mean......... you mean you just stole it?
bobby: mao mao.
zhang: uhhh bobby are you sure you know how to drive this thing?
bobby: well i figured out how to turn on the radio... but all it does is hiss....
zhang: uhhh... ur tank has a radio?
bobby: yeah, they putt it in a really weird position too. it's connected to these two pads by a hose. i had to yank it out to get any sound... but liek i said, it just hisses...
zhang: um, bobby... did you disconnect the breaks?!
bobby: ... uhhhhh..................
tank approaches tip of broken bridge....
bobby: MAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • scene ripples back to present*
zhang: and thats how we ended up like this.
jia: hey, well both of you will be happy to know that its saturday. no school you dumbass.
hope: haha... yeah we'd better get this mess cleaned up somehow.

scene continues to porn shack scene...

Self Discovery or Interesting Discovery?

This is pretty much like the above scene. ~MF

mike: k, bobby why dont you go over there to the store and ask them if you can use their phone to call a mechanic.
  • Bobby walks into some base, peeks in, and theres abunch of people corpse humping.*
Bobby: "mao mao!"
  • bobby walks back to the group*
mike: so what did they say?
bobby:........ they... said... they wanted to talk to you.
hope: right, bobby doesn't know. so we're on our own. but the tank is upside down. and you need to flip it over and its not like we can just LIFT...
  • michael flips the tank*
hope: oh... wtf? how come i can't lift a tank? what is this?!
mike: see, i have more power than jesus's left foot. worship me you noob.

What everyone Dreams of...

MF: I originally wrote this scene to go in the beginning of Headlong, just when the Hog and Nick originally get there. This works too, but it means we'll have to mess with continuity a bit (Since right now the plan is to ditch the vehicles right after Headlong.

  • Everyone is driving along in warthog*
Someone: Hey look its prasun
  • run over prasun, back up, run over prasun, rinse, repeat.
  • drive away, everone in a differnt vehicle gets to shoot him, ex, bobby in the tank, blah blah
  • after driving away, someone blasts the corpse with a rocket
  • after everyones gone, pause
  • curtis comes and corspe humps a bit

Chi in, Chi out

  • guys approaching the center of ascension map*
MF: man, hope how the hell did you not see that you were almost outta gas when we left the base? like seirously! now bobby is the only one with a vehicle and he can't even fly the fking thing!
  • bobby crashes into tower bashee blows up and bobby jumps out*
MF: k, now we dont even have a vechile at all.
hope: man, i was busy trying to not hit every lamp post i saw. its fkin brutal out there!
MF: yeah, and you still kinda failed.
hope: .... fire crotch.
nick: whoa whoa, hey guys where's zhang?
god-like voice: "please step aside younglings, you're master is about to join you"
  • zhang flys across the map and lands beside jia jia*
jia: holy fk! how the hell did you do that?!
zhang: ... oh, it was only my chi...
hope: man! thats totally cool!!! can you do that again?!
zhang: yeah, just let me get ready
  • zhang runs out of sight*...*we see zhang climb into blowy thing and is propelled into sky*
hope nick jia: wow, i have to say thats pretty impressive. yeah, wow. nice stuff!
zhang: haha, it was nothing, i learned how to do it in grade 4.
MF: k, lets stop fking around and go get us some ass.
nick: dude, the girl is 7 years old. do you not find that wrong?... in anyway at all. you sick pervert.
hope and jia: hahahahahaha

everyone takes off to the other side of ascension...

The Duel

jia: k. You never show up on time for these missions.
zhang: no fuck you. You're the one who's afraid of capturing the flag.
jia: That's cauz Missile John Mo wanted to do it last time.
hope: whoa whoa... instead of arguing, we'll do something less harmful. how about a duel?!
nick: um, hope? are you retarded? how is that safer?
hope: whispers... neighter of them can aim.
nick: ah. good point
hope: outloud ... OK!, so the rules are, person who doesn't die, wins.
jia: Michael obviously lost the argument...
hope: just shut up and shoot. okay! lets go!
  • jia jia and zhang get into position without drawn guns*
nick: k, so when i say "Farg" you can shoot. READY............ "GAR PAR YAR GAR BAR DAR RAR GAR BAR YAR PAR YAR DAR PAR BAR..."
jia: fk this. *draws gun and starts shooting*
  • jia jia and zhang shoot and shoot and reload but never hit eachother*
zhang: ah shit. I have no more ammo
jia: *clicks the trigger a bunch*... "fk"
hope: haha...you two would be so bad at playing halo 2....
nick: hey, now that we're out of the hole... shouldn't we get going? we still have to pass by that japanese porno shop on the way to derrka derrka stan.
zhang: hey how about we blow it up so none of us gets caught in it? <----- setup for bobby's sacrifice.

(need an end to this scene) MF: I see two problems here. One is that Zhang doesn't die, which I thought we decided would happen after we got trapped. The other one is that this takes place both before Beaver Creek and while we're trapped by Zhang's stupidity. We've already decided on the flow of things through getting to BC, and we don't get trapped until we've found the princess, near the end. The scene is good, but would need to go a lot later in the movie... And result in the death of Zhang (Though we've discussed him dying in the process of trapping us). {J- The way i see it, this scene happens after bobby's discovery, and before Zhang trapping us in a pit. Does that work?}

"Deep" Trouble

Everyone: Frick Zhang, way to get us stuck in this stupid hole, now what are we gonna do?
MZ: Guys, if you think about it logically, its not actually entirely my fault....
Everyone: Well what do we now? Wait for Omarg to randomly show up and drop us a banshee?
zhang: k well, Let's consider some other options guys.
jia: hey michael! why don't you use ur chi to fly outta here to find some help?
zhang: my chi only works.... in direct sunlight.
jia: awe fuck. Such low-level.
  • long awkward pause*
hope: um... yeah......... im gonna go explore this hole. maybe i can find some stuff to blow up.
jia: yeah im coming with.
  • everyone leaves zhang alone*
zhang: ah... you guys never listen. i might as well go find.....
  • time passes*
  • camera on zhang jumping up and down*
  • hope walks into a shadow and sees zhang jumping and yells to ask him what he's doing*
hope: hey zhang
  • zhang is startled and jumps too far landing in the water and drowns*
hope: holy shit! zhang where'd you go?! whoa! zhang doesn't know how to swim?! hey guys! i think zhang is drowning! man i suck at swimming! if only one of us was a life guard!
  • camera focus on jia jia*
Jiajia: .....Yeah.. if.... ...only....
  • gurgling soudns from zhang stop*
  • nick and MF run over*
MF: what was going on?!
hope: zhang drowned.
Jiajia: ah. he should have listened to me when I was teaching him how to tread water.

Heart to Heart Talk

jia: hey nick, ever tried to pull out ur nose hairs?
nick:... what.. wha? oh, you mean like pulling them out while they're still in ur nose?
jia: yeah, like sometimes your looking in the mirror and you see the hairs in ur nose and ur like.. damn, that hair looks really long
nick: yeah and its like, wow, its time for you to come out now so you try to pull on it
jia: and then sometiems you yank it out and its like OW! mother fker! that really hurt and it starts to make everything itch.
nick: yeah i've done that before... and then it's like the other nose hairs are itching and you try to pull the other surrounding ones out.
jia: it sucks though... they won't let us take our helmets off anymore. i wonder what my nose hairs look like.
nick: yeah... it really makes you wonder how their doing in there...
jia:.... yeah........*sighs*
nick:....................... yeah....................yeah................................................*coughs*
MF: hey there you are! bobby just got the telleporter fixed. so we're gonna get going. comeon!

Return of Chi's Guidance

(The idea of guiding Omarg in the bathroom, for some reason, just doesn't appeal to me. I suggest he is in another equally dark location.)

Zhang (silently): Mr. Puke... Mr. Puke...
Omarg (fidgeting with some sort of device, or as some of you suggested, taking a dump): Uh... this might actually be a good idea. Ah fuck. I suck at this. (Jia-Whahahaha he sucks at taking a dump? hahahah, that has to be left in!)
Zhang (in spiritual form): No, my young padafan (meant to be spin-off of pedophile and padawan), you must seek the truth.
Omarg: yeah... I mean... (turns around). What the fuck? Zhang? You alright man?
Zhang: Why, what's wrong?
Omarg: Uh... well... basically... you look very sick.
Zhang: K, seriously. I drowned like 2 hours ago, and I'm back go guide you through this challenge you seem to be facing.
Omarg: uh... kinda weird, but what the hell.
Zhang: People are not who they seem. You must search for the Halo... and let it guide you to the Kangaroo. (This is just to symbolize Australia. I welcome people to modify this.)
Omarg: Seriously, Zhang, stop pretending you're some Jedi master or something. What are you talking about?
Zhang: I've told you everything I could. Control your senses, especially those lusting for young... uh... just control your senses. That's all I will tell you. The rest is for me to know, and for you to find out.
Omarg: What?
Zhang: I'll leave you with some of those "white things". I gotta go. (insider from grade six)

Are we still gonna have this?

One person goes though the teleporter after Zhang tried to fix it. (he fixes it by saying "ahh, no big deal, and shoots it a bunch, and hits it). Jiajia goes through the teleporter, ends up in Halo 1 or timesplitters (we only need 2 people, puppet and camera)

Jiajia: Frick, you screwed up again, Mike.

Lol i think it should be in a completely different game. Like Generals. If possible. - Zhang

Nick's Monologue/Musical

  • hope is standing looking at a picture of a girl on the wall*
  • nick walks up*
nick: hey hope, is that ur girlfriend?
hope: yeah... me and briteny spears have been going out for bout 3 months now..... what about you? you got a girl?
nick:... yeah... i miss her so much... but...she'll always be in my heart...
  • music starts playing with nick looking out a window at the sunset<--ivory tower* <--- we'll use "here in my heart" by "plus one" haha its the cheesiest song i can find.

it goes something like.... "where ever you are tonight girl, i'll see you in my dreams... whereever i go... tomorrow you'll be here next to me...." lalalala and hte chorus is "cuz here in my heart theres a picture of us... together forever .... faded and unbroken....."

and for this scene we should even go so far to make it like an mtv music thing where we have the "title"... "played by" and "composer and play time" hahaha. it'd be the awesomest awesome. Jia-Idea: I know all the words to Faith hill's "there you'll be". I think we should sing it, it will be even better. We've also made some changes to the lyrics to make it more "amusing" (sexual)

we'll run this for about 30 sec to a min and then cut it with michael zhang comming up and saying.... "uggghhh... nick.... what were you just thinking about? you've been looking out that window for about 3 hours now...."

lmao lmao lmao lmao Nick and GF.jpg

just... lmao..... we are gonna soooo stick this in nick's musical

Ending Scene - Nick's Suicide

At the end, after we find out Curtis is the princess

Nick: "oh man, I'm so depressed. I can't belive I didn't figure this out before. Ah fuck this."
Throws plasma grenade in air, sticks it to his head
Everyone else: "dude..."


as credits start rolling, a scene with nathan, fulton and hope fades in.

nathan: and so for the entire movie i've been getting left behind, run over, hit, knocked down, and humiliated.
hope: yeah so?
nathan: shut up hope, just cuz ur depicted as my height in a video game doesn't mean i can't kick ur ass in the real world
hope: hey, blame bungie not me. .... see mike? this is what i mean when i say that white people only know how to screw over other white people. i bet you Omarg got screwed out of at least 400 dollars for his plane ticket to australia.
MF: well see, sry nathan, the director work was a combined effort so basically everyone agreed that they wanted to run you over.
nathan: what? well PFT! screw that! why wouldn't you guys let me come find the young girl with you?
hope: you look like a nazi.
nathan: what?! i look like a blue version of you!
hope: nazi.
nathan: wh-
hope: nazi.
nathan: god damnit.
  • warthog runs over natahn again and stops over his body.*
  • bobby honks horn. Mau mau mau.
  • scene suddenly cuts to somethign more interesting*

All the different John Mo's we know

KK wait, is this part of credits? Anyways, new postings on John Mo section of VGOC.

Random Notes

Most important: Remember when brainstorming/writing that everything has to be doable within the game engine. We can drop guns, that's about it. Our special effects are limited to sticking simple images on top of the video, nothing more (Right hope?) [hopebotnote: right.]

Should we attempt to use in-game map layouts for everything, or just overall shots from various places, not linked together? Example: In RvB, all the scenes in Zanzibar are organized with the layout of the map in mind, so next to one room is another. We don't have to do this, we can just use each possible perspective as a different scene. What's your take?

Remember we're stuck to about 22 minutes for time, we may have to undergo major editiing down (War paper again! Crap...) and get rid of things in order to film in a reasonable amount of time. [hopebotnote: we can go longer if we want to... i just need to VCD space :P and im not good with burning VCDs.... can someone give me a few hints?]{J-Note: I can burn DVDs, if that helps....}

Just because we can only have four characters on screen at once doesn't mean we can only have four characters in a scene. You might notice RVB rarely even has 4 at once, so it's not hard to manipulate the camera properly.

Different Omarg Quotes/Facts

  • Yay! Titties.
  • Ah! I suck.
  • Uh... basically... well... you see... uh... yes.
  • Ah! I see you actually (some kind of action here)
  • Uh... just wondering... would it be possible to... uh... well... have an extension on this thing?
  • mm, let's see. Video games does seem appealing right now... but
  • Ahhh (in response to a random fact that he doesn't actually care about, but pretends to care)
  • Fuukk You!
  • *tap tap* Renew!
  • Uh... must go home and play some XBOX.
  • Hmmmm... That might actually be a good idea. Must think about it
  • Awwww! (in response to some form of insult)
  • Rah! (hits someone)
  • Uh... I am actually also quite pissed at this... I mean he just stands there, and doesn't do shit.
  • Ah... MSN is for people with no social life (not sure if he actually said this, must confirm with Nick)
  • Omarg comes out onto his belcony..."uhg... whats that smell?!?"...."um, Omarg, thats fresh air"
  • Omarg was late for sped class after chasing after the bus to east view bowl.
  • In Grade Five, Omarg was known as the "Kid with all kinds of food". For a period in Grade six, Omarg was known as "Mr. Puke". After his transfer to AcTal, he was known as "Elvis", "O-Arm", and "Pedelin". His Russian nicknames include "Omarck" and "Omarzhik". (changed to maintain secret)
    • in response to previous, WTF??

Making Of

during the making of this video. we'll take live video footage



6th: Project Started


14th-23rd: Easter break


15th-End: IRP crunch time Shit, I wish!! IRP is due MAY 1ST! Fk....


6th-13th or so: Break between IRP and exams

25th: Exams finish / Hope Leaves For Stanford (yay!!!!) but also (booo... i miss out on Omargs going away party... i reserve the right to put in a special 10 second blurb to say goodbye to Omarg)

End: Must be done

MF thinks it would be a very good idea to get filming at some point over Easter break. That's because it may be hard to find time for all of us to get together after that, and IRP will be deadly for three of us. That means we tentatively want at least a decent outline in the next month. Better get brainstorming.

Next Meeting

  • What equipment will we use for audio recording? Nick Says: Jia Jia's microphone.
  • What's our continuity - How do we get from Headlong to Ascension to Beaver Creek to the next spot? Nick Says: Continuity? Not Important.
  • Where does the movie go after Bobby dies? Nick Says: To a Castle (Possibly Zanzibar.)
  • When should we start filming? Nick Says: Let's start yesterday.

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