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*[http://www.conalcharles.com Conal's Home Page]
*[http://www.conalcharles.com Conal's Home Page]
*[http://www4.ncsu.edu/~rpaul/ Rabin's Home Page]
*[http://www4.ncsu.edu/~rpaul/ Rabin's Home Page]
[[Meeting 2/6 Discussion]]

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Yahoogroups Website

Our Yahoogroups Website

Our Page

These are the members of our groups

Meeting 2/6 Discussion


  • Friday, Jan 26, 8.46 pm

Hi Jason, i too have not received an invite. could you try my other email address : rabinthepaul@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks, Rabin

  • Friday, Jan 26, 8.46 pm

Hi Jason, I still havent recieved your request on any of my emai id. Dont know what is teh problem. And you have mentioned the calling info and passcode below. What does that refer to? What are those for? - Kunal

  • Friday, Jan 26, 11am

Hi Everyone

  • -We now have myself, Conal and Nick on the yahoogroup. I tried invite #2 to Rabin and Kunal last night using the following email addresses, respectively (rabin.paul@gmail.com, kns1984@gmail.com, kns_1984@yahoo.co.in). Please join as quickly as possible or let me know via email at jorders@us.ibm.com if you still have not gotten the invite.
  • -It looks like the meeting with Rand will be on Monday, 3-4. Please let me know ASAP if you will NOT be able to call in
  • -Callin info is 1-877-422-0032, passcode 862371
  • -In addition to the below tasks, I've posted two files to the yahoogroup
  • 1) a consolidated view of everyone's schedules to determine the best time in any given week to meet - please look at this and let me know if something is NOT accurate.
  • 2) an initial "Kickoff Presentation" I would like to use on Monday with Rand. Please send to me a picture you would like to use if you don't like the one I've embedded so far and let me know any additional items we need to add, especially questions. Please get any changes back to me by END OF DAY, SATURDAY


  • Hi Jason. We (Nick and myself) havent got your invitation to join our yahoo group. if you could send it again, it would be great. Did Conal and Rabin get the invitation?


Conal& I have not got the invite. possibly we forgot to send the invites after previewing them. -Rabin

Hi Everyone. I've resent the yahoo invite to Conal, whose email address I have. In the meantime, could everyone do the following:

  • Everyone - Send your email address to jorders@us.ibm.com. As I get them I'll try the invite again.
  • Everyone - Post the links to your personal website here first and then there's probably a better 'links' section in yahoogroups once we get everyone there. I'll quickly do an extract in a brief PPT to send to RAND for our first call.
  • Everyone - Speaking of which, I emailed the Rand folks on Tues night asking for times - haven't heard back. I forward the intial note to Anton and Earp last night indicating a 'risk'. You'll see all of this documented in the yahoogroup.
  • Conal, could I ask you to do the group writeup on the homework assignment due Monday - basically the summary of our brief discussion on Tues - you seemed to be ready to verbalize it during the class.
  • Everyone - go to the Rand website and search on "Insider Attacks" - the first hit to come up will be the reference document that was listed at the bottom of the project writeup we got. The project writeup appears to be almost a direct pull from the workshop that this document summarizes - essentially we are doing one of the 'further research' items from the workshop. I'd ask everyone to briefly go through just the summary part of the doc (its 137 pages long) - it will give us some good starting points. *Kunal, could I ask you to be the scribe for the first session. Maybe a good thing to do until we hear back from them is to develop a brief template in word that we can use to document each conversation.
  • Nick and Rabin - could I ask both of you to go ahead and researching "Insider Attacks". The document I reference above is a great starting point.




  • -Monday - 5pm onwards
  • -Tuesday - If required, can meet before class 5-6pm
  • -Wednesday - 5pm onwards
  • -Friday - 5pm onwards
  • -Sat/Sun - Available if required


  • -Can work in meetings 8-5 if I have advance notice
  • -Monday - 5pm onwards
  • -Tuesday - Can meet for an hour before class
  • -Wednesday - 5pm onwards
  • -Thursday - Can meet for an hour before class (5-6)
  • -Friday - 5pm onwards
  • -Sat / Sun - Avalable if required


  • -If I have advanced notice, I can usually take time off of work for meetings.
  • -Monday - 3pm onwards
  • -Tuesday - Can meet the hour before class if required
  • -Wednesday - 3pm to 7:30pm (alternating Wednesdays) 3pm onward
  • -Thursday - 5pm onwards
  • -Friday - 5pm onwards (if required)
  • -Sat / Sun - Avalable if required


possible times are listed below

  • -Monday : 10 am - 4 pm , 7 pm onwards (if required)
  • -Tuesady : 10 am - 3 pm, 4:30pm - 5:45 pm
  • -Wednesday : 10:00 am - 12:30 pm, 4:30pm - 5:45 pm
  • -Thursday : 10 am - 3 pm, 4:30pm - 5:45 pm
  • -Friday : 10 am - 6 pm
  • -Saturday, Sunday if required


  • Monday 9am - 4pm
  • Tuesday 9am - 4pm
  • Wednesday Not available
  • Thursday Available all day if notified
  • Friday After 4pm
  • Saturday All day till 5pm
  • Sunday 12.30pm onwards

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