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Quality Assurance Manual


quality assurance (QA): 1. All actions taken to ensure that standards and procedures are adhered to and that delivered products or services meet performance requirements. 2. The planned systematic activities necessary to ensure that a component, module, or system conforms to established technical requirements. 3. The policy, procedures, and systematic actions established in an enterprise for the purpose of providing and maintaining a specified degree of confidence in data integrity and accuracy throughout the life cycle of the data, which includes input, update, manipulation, and output

Audio Procedure

Record Interview

1. decide topic (welcome, question, summary)
2. write script
3. arrange interview
4. record interview
5. store interview

Record Interview: Flowchart

Record Interview

Audio File Upload

1. prepare Audio File
2. import audio file to hard disk
3. upload the file

Audio File Upload: Flowchart

Upload Audio file

Video Procedure

Record Interview

1. Define Topic and scope
2. determine budget
3. organize subject matter experts and venue & time
4. prepare script for interview
5. prepare venue
6. rehearse interview and amend script if necessary
7. interview
a. introduction
b. question
c. closure
8. edit, store, catalog interview
9. publish interview

Video File Upload

1. prepare Video File
2. import video file to hard disk
3. upload the file

Iso 9001:2000

These are the procedures that we need to follow to produce quality work.
this section is open to your suggestions:
1. Control of Documents Procedure

Suggestion 1:

All documents that are given to us from the client (on paper or digitized) are kept in a safe accessible only to the few working on the project.
A backup copy of all documents and projects is also kept in the same safe.

Suggestion 2:

we take firm measures in respecting our clients privacy. Important documents that need to be thrown go to a special locked rubbish bin to prevent them from being investigated by an outsider. 2. Internal audit Procedures

Suggestion 1:

Every year, we conduct our own audit and review the work, and work porcedures that we do.

Suggestion 2:

Every period of time, we check and review all the safety procedures.

3. Control of Non-conforming Product Procedure

Suggestion 1:

We carry out regular usability testing on our products to make sure they are up to date and conforming with the latest technology.

Suggestion 2:

We ask our clients and visitors on the internet to carry out regular surveys.
4. Corrective Action Procedure

Suggestion 1:

If we find that our documents are incomplete, we carry our own visits to the client

Suggestion 2:

We always make sure to conduct tests to make sure our products are conform with the guidelines for visual impaired disability people.
5. Continuous Improvement

Suggestion 1:

We get our managers and team leaders to conduct internet research to keep up to date with latest developments in software

Suggestion 2:

We have a suggestion box for all employees to put in anonymously their thoughts and suggestions.this ensures have continuous improvement of our work quality.
6. Customer Satisfaction

Suggestion 1:

We make sure that the atmosphere in the conference and meeting rooms with our clients are always quiet and relaxing. We also offer food and toast every job well done.

Suggestion 2:

We invite our client personally to a quiet restaurant or pub to drink after finishing work, to promote an atmosphere of good partnetship in business.

Quality assurance team: Photo Gallery

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