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Renquizdt Inquisition

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  • Creator: Zent
  • Type: Government
  • Motto: "Those unclean of heart shall be eliminated."
  • Membership: 1 high command, 4 sub-command, ~100m employees
  • Availability: Via request for employees only, command ranks GM only


The structure is quite the simple one, being led by the Grand Inquisitor, with four High Inquisitors beneath him, and their employees underneath them.


The Renquizdt Inquisition is the current de facto government of the planet of Azut via first a coup, then a hostile planetary takeover using the military technology gained from this action.

It was responsible for the Renquizdt Genocide, leading to the deaths of nearly every yellow-eyed Renquizdt, although there were some survivors.



  • Grand Inquisitor Aureios - The youthful-looking leader of the Inquisition, he is the one behind the coup, and despite the nature of the Inquisition, is a rather mellow and calm Renquizdt. His combat abilities are unknown, but it is said that he could best all of his subordinates. Has blue eyes, but it is said if one is to look very carefully, they can get an indigo tint.
  • High Inquisitor Astin - A mysterious, black-cloaked man whose true origins are only known to the highest-ranked members of the Inquisition. Seems to have an odd proficiency with Square Magic. Weapon and eye color are unknown.
  • High Inquisitor Milichaela - The sole female high-ranking Inquisition officer. Fit and doesn't wear much, and is a skilled physical fighter with a proficiency in ki attacks. Has red-orange eyes.
  • High Inquisitor Damarcus - A grizzled old warrior who has been in the Renquizdt military since the days of the previous regime, but turned during the coup for reasons unknown. Broad and strong, he wields a giant sword in combat. Red-eyed.
  • High Inquisitor Lezast - A vain man who wears an eyepatch and has a disregard with diplomacy, but not authority, especially his superiors. Also harbors a secret known only to him. Green-eyed. Uses knives and various magic in combat.

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