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SS Free

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Title SS Free
Tagline "You'll
Status Active
Founded June 25, 2006
Founder Kevin McDonald
Owner Kevin McDonald
Company SS Free, Inc.
Type message board
Domain ssfree.cz.tc
Long URL http://s1.zetaboards.com/strikesback5/index/
Country United States
Region Missouri
City St. Louis
E-mail admiralxgmx@yahoo.com
Languages English <br />German <br />French <br />Portuguese <br />Korean <br />Japanese <br />Spanish <br />Latin
Talk Page Talk:SS Free
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The SS Free is an online community that was founded on June 25, 2006 by Kevin "Ezri" McDonald.


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Kevin "Ezri" McDonald

Kevin is the owner and founder of the SS Free. Kevin founded the SS Free on June 25, 2006 and holds all copyrights. Kevin is working on a novel and is the owner and founder of Reenactor Entertainment. Kevin runs several websites; SS Free, Core, The Alliance, Top Sites Headquarters, Godz Minnionz, and the United Forum Defense Association.


Matt "Tetsu" Beumer

Matt is a good friend of Kevin's in real life. He is a emo kid who spends most of his time posting on 4chan and writing Facebook notes about how depressed he is. Matt runs several websites; Explosmertacular (ReBIRTH Forums), Shinobi Forum, Strike Burst, JINBU, Anime Board Hikaru, Halo War OMEGA, and Itatchiuchia.

Brandon "druaga9" Burke

Brandon is also a good friend of Kevin's. Brandon enjoys playing video games, watching TV, hanging out with friends, and being with his girlfriend. Brandon's favorite video games are Diablo, Diablo II, StarCraft, and Combat Arms. Brandon works for the video game developer, Castle War Games.

Kaddi Kuhlewind

Kaddi is a friend of Kevin's, we met in English III on August 20, 2009. Kaddi is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

Jonathan "scubamcd" McDonald

Jonathan McDonald is Kevin's uncle. Jonathan McDonald is prime minister (and founder) of Jonathanland, a country in North America. Jonathan McDonald owns a website called Planet Mac. Jonathan is writing a book and works for Enterprise.

Sierra Sparks

Sierra is a friend of Ezri.

Global Moderators

Eric "Domflippy" McDonald

Eric is Kevin's little brother. Eric runs the website, Trollz and a company. Eric also wrote and published a novel.

Brooke "bbird" Bird

Brooke is a friend of Kevin's and is a singer.

Louise "Louise" McDonald

Louise is Kevin's grandmother, she doesn't get on the SS Free too much anymore, because she is in a nursing home. She won a tea brewing contest once when she was younger.

Dennis "madhatter" Hatton

Dennis is Kevin's grandfather. He is the owner and founder of a company, and a website (other than HattonVending.com).

Tessa Holt

Tessa Holt is a friend of Kevin's.

Matthew "machine" Hatton

Matt is Kevin's cousin, he runs a website too.

Forum Moderators

None at the moment.


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