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A recent picture.

Hi, welcome to my online resume. If you're a small firm looking to hire, that's great. This site was built just for you. Hopefully it'll give you a better idea of who I am, and how I can be an asset to your organization.

How do you want my resume?

Want an easy read?

Read all about me through my online resume (AKA, biography). Fair warning though, I'm a superfluous writer.


Click here for my detailed autobiography

Don't have time?

  • My online resume, in bulleted form
  • No complete sentences
  • Just the facts!

Click here to view the Cliffs Notes version

In the banking industry?

  • Forget all this online stuff
  • Let's stick to the basics
  • Standards are there for a reason, right?

Click here for a PDF of my "real" resume | Own MSFT stock? Read it in .doc | I can also fax it to you!

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