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***2008: $464,205.54
***2008: $464,205.54
***2009: $2,058,000.00 (approx)
***2009: $2,058,000.00 (approx)
**Average annual growth: 243%
**OdioWorks pays 100% of my college tuition & living expenses.
**OdioWorks pays 100% of my college tuition & living expenses.

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Sam Odio's Online Resume

  • Objective: To find a job at a small startup or VC firm in the bay area.


  • Entrepreneurship
    • I started my first company (OdioWorks, LLC) at age 17.
    • Annual Revenues:
      • 2003: $9,322.73
      • 2004: $56,792.90
      • 2005: $166,289.58
      • 2006: $212,546.13
      • 2007: $138,806.14
      • 2008: $464,205.54
      • 2009: $2,058,000.00 (approx)
    • OdioWorks pays 100% of my college tuition & living expenses.
"I checked out [DinarProfits.com] -- it looks very reputable. (My last startup built e-commerce tools, so I've seen a lot of stores that did and didn't inspire people to buy.) Nice project."' - Trevor Blackwell, co-founder of Viaweb (now Yahoo Stores)
  • Sales & Marketing:
    • I've used the phone and internet to market and sell $500,000 worth of products and services
    • Channels:
      • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
      • PPC - Pay Per Click
        • Spend $1,000 / month on PPC advertising through Google Adwords, Overture, and Microsoft AdCenter
      • Blogs
    • Techniques:
      • Analytics - used to determine effectiveness of campaigns
        • Used Google Analytics extensively
        • Also use cookies, unique URLs, and unique toll-free numbers to track user responses
      • Website design:
The PLC/Touchscreen solution I created to control the Wonderland Bus
  • Technology:
    • Websites:
      • Click here for examples of my sites
      • My sites get ~3,000 unique daily visitors.
      • I'm familiar with HTML, PHP & Ruby on Rails
    • Hardware I've built:


I'm double majoring in Economics and Commerce with a double concentration in Finance in Accounting. I'm also taking grad courses, so that I can complete my Master's in a semester. I don't know anyone else in my school who's taking a more challenging curriculum.

Graduation Dates

  • Spring 2007:
    • First Major: Bachelor's of Science in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce (University of Virginia)
      • First concentration: Finance
      • Second concentration: Accounting
    • Second Major: Economics from the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia
  • Fall 2007:
    • Master's of Accounting from the McIntire School of Commerce (University of Virginia)

My Businesses

OdioWorks, LLC started in IT consulting (now MyTeks.com). Since then, the company has branched out into several different businesses (see below).

  • MyTeks.com, onsite computer repair
    • My first business
    • Expecting to sell it shortly UPDATE: Sold to AAA Metro Computers, LLC
  • BluWiki.com, the free wiki web host
    • Most popular
    • Not profitable, focused on growth right now
  • DinarProfits.com, buy new Iraqi dinars
    • Most profitable

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