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Sam Odio's Online Resume

  • Objective: To find a job at a small startup or VC firm in the bay area.


  • Entrepreneurship
    • I started my first company (OdioWorks, LLC) at age 17.
    • Annual Revenues:
      • 2003: $9,322.73
      • 2004: $56,792.90
      • 2005: $166,289.58
      • 2006: $212,546.13
      • 2007: $138,806.14
      • 2008: $464,205.54
      • 2009: $2,058,000.00 (approx)
    • OdioWorks paid 100% of my college tuition & living expenses.
"I checked out [DinarProfits.com] -- it looks very reputable. (My last startup built e-commerce tools, so I've seen a lot of stores that did and didn't inspire people to buy.) Nice project."' - Trevor Blackwell, co-founder of Viaweb (now Yahoo Stores)
  • Sales & Marketing:
    • I've used the phone and internet to market and sell $500,000 worth of products and services
    • Channels:
      • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
        • Myteks.com ranks first for "Virginia Computer Repair"
        • Update (Aug 2010): Sold myTeks in 2006, it appears that the site no longer ranks first. Still on the first page though.
      • PPC - Pay Per Click
        • Spend $1,000 / month on PPC advertising through Google Adwords, Overture, and Microsoft AdCenter
      • Blogs
    • Techniques:
      • Analytics - used to determine effectiveness of campaigns
        • Used Google Analytics extensively
        • Also use cookies, unique URLs, and unique toll-free numbers to track user responses
      • Website design:
The PLC/Touchscreen solution I created to control the Wonderland Bus
  • Technology:
    • Websites:
      • Click here for examples of my sites
        • Most sites were built in Python/Django or PHP.
    • Hardware I've built:


I'm double majoring in Economics and Commerce with a double concentration in Finance in Accounting. I'm also taking grad courses, so that I can complete my Master's in a semester. I don't know anyone else in my school who's taking a more challenging curriculum.

Graduation Dates

  • Spring 2007:
    • First Major: Bachelor's of Science in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce (University of Virginia)
      • First concentration: Finance
      • Second concentration: Accounting
    • Second Major: Economics from the School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Virginia
  • Fall 2007:
    • Master's of Accounting from the McIntire School of Commerce (University of Virginia)
    • (yes, I actually completed my Master's in a semester)

My Businesses

OdioWorks, LLC started in IT consulting (now MyTeks.com). Since then, the company has branched out into several different businesses (see below).

  • MyTeks.com, onsite computer repair
    • My first business
    • Expecting to sell it shortly UPDATE: Sold to AAA Metro Computers, LLC
  • BluWiki.com, the free wiki web host
    • Most popular
    • Not profitable, focused on growth right now
    • Update: Sold on eBay and donated proceeds to Kiva.
  • DinarProfits.com, buy new Iraqi dinars
    • Most profitable
    • Update: Sold to focus on my work at Facebook.

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