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Ski trip of an epic nature

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The Ski trip of an epic nature (Abbreviated STEN) occurred on December 29, 2009, at Table Mountain in North Battleford


As it happened from [Hope's] POV:

  • before sleep, discover that josh leland (supposed to be in my car) is actually not in the city.
  • wake up, eat some instant noodles.
  • decide to play some halo
  • pack car, leave pick up nick.
  • Navigation confuses nick and we take the long way to Brooke's house.
  • head to parking lot of wholesale. DRIIIFFFTTTT!!!!
  • ... waiting for dru.... DRIIIFFFFFFTTTTT!!!!
  • get coffee
  • Dru + sean, mf, bobby arrives.
  • drive out to sask place * on the way, i need to take a massive shit, dru needs gas.
  • navigation lady sounds like an old bitter woman. we name her Agnes.
  • at gas station, bobby informs me that dru car has a dash indicator that is "an explosion symbol with an exclamation mark in the middle"
  • i decided that it is too late to turn back and push on and risk dru's car exploding.
  • soon we get a call that the engine check light has come on in dru's car. bobby and dru proceed to freak out.
  • they head back to trade cars.
  • rachel's dad passes me on the highway.
  • Anges shut up on the highway but proceeds to advance the time of arrival by a minute every couple of kms to torment us.
  • arrive in north battleford and realize that Agnes does not take us to Table, but to the city center. we no longer listen to her directions.
  • Anges proceeds to freak out.
  • get lost on the highway 16 to highway 40 interchange.
  • I turn Agnes off.
  • on the dirt road to Table: sharp turn... DRIIIFFFF.... no.
  • get to table: IT IS VERY BUSY!!!!!
  • I break out my yellow pants. sweet.
  • Nick goes inside and proceeds to lose his glove.
  • find chucky.
  • chucky's mom asks chucky if he is cold and needs to zip up his zipper.
  • take chucky to the bunny hill
  • start teaching chucky to snowboard.
  • rachels sister bombs past us. we are like "wow".
  • get to the bottom.
  • chucky's mom asks chucky if he needs to zip up his zipper
  • chucky's mom takes a picture of us
  • chucky's mom asks chucky if he is cold and needs to zip up his zipper.
  • i discover that is is faster to walk up the treadmill on the bunny hill than it is to wait in line and actually get on and ride it.
  • nick and brooke get onto the hill
  • epicness begins.
  • much fun snowboarding ensues.
  • mf, dru, sean, bobby arrive.
  • sean adorns head warmer thing, i hold mf's hand and dru is smiling.
  • I find bobby on the hill. I lose bobby on the hill
  • I hear that jia jia has arrived.
  • I hear that sarah is not skiing and have a sad moment.
  • linda and boyfriend show up. linda's board is "SOOOOO CUTE!@!!!!!"
  • up the hill! jia jia learns that chair lifts are not scary. snowboarders disagree
  • chucky's mom asks chucky if he is cold and needs to zip up his jacket.
  • go down green run with friends!
  • up on chair lift: look it is bobby! *blurry blu figure zooms past us* "BOBBY!!!!!" *bobby sticks his ski pole to his head* we assume that he is trying to wave back.
  • on another lift ride "hey look that looks like sean!" *person proceeds to fall and get up a couple of times* "yeah that's sean".
  • I try blue run. I get air off a bump!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHAYE HAEYAJFD!!!!!
  • group picture taking at the top of the hill. chucky, sean, and bobby are nowhere to be found. assumed KIA.
  • nick and bobby ride T*bar.
  • T*bar stops and starts... proceeds to can nick.
  • I fart really loud on T*bar. Person behind me laughs.
  • hot dogs are yummy.
  • sean's face thing smells like ass
  • i reveal my awesome knockoff chinese mp3, mp4 player. It turns off after 10 minutes of not interacting with it. how gay. i decided that it is useless and should die.
  • everyone has snow on EVERYTHING. we proceed to not give a fuck.
  • sweet runs.
  • brooke watches as rachel almost links front to backside carves several times.
  • nick does epic jumps off drops in the runs.
  • nick tries terrain park.
  • I get to the bottom of a run, chucky wants to go up t*bar.
  • me, chucky and brooke attempt t*bar again.
  • arrive at top, unload. one more person unloads, one empty t*bar..... two empty t*bars.... 3.... 4.... 5.... 6..... brooke arrives. O.o
  • get to bottom, chucky is getting ready to leave as well as Rachel.
  • chucky's mom asks him if he is cold and needs to zip up his jacket
  • jia jia had departed earlier. I hug him because I CARE.
  • i am informed that sean has injured himself.
  • brooke and i barely make the last chair lift. We are basically dead and out of breath from running for the lift.
  • last run is freaking awesome. Last run is usually freaking awesome.
  • Mf has learned to pretend to snowboard
  • rachel is one adrenaline rush from learning backside to front side linking
  • chucky has decided that he will never touch skis again. ever.
  • dru wants to go snowboard shopping
  • linda and jordan are a cute couple. jordan is badass * favorite thing i know about him: he has snowboarded down a hill in only a red cape and underwear. FUCK YES.
  • bobby has learned the secrets to parallel on skis
  • nick has a grasp of carving riding switch!
  • brooke got carving down.
  • SEAN LEARNED TO CARVE! he also FOOSHED (Fall On Out*Stretched Hand) that same run. making his last run EPIC!
  • Drive home has a battle of alertness. We overcame all sleepiness with alternating hot and cold air blowing into the car.
  • I see an interesting looking ford but can't read the badge so i turn on my high beams for a clearer view. Accidentally piss off the driver. harharhar
  • Hear that sean is being taken to RUH emergency room to check out his hand
  • I arrive after a quick bite to eat.
  • dru arrives after a bit
  • conversations about everything.
  • dru tells a story involving fire and hair spray.... something sounds familiar.........
  • dru and I attempt to diagnose sean.
  • sean is at emerg. for like 4*5 hours.
  • hand gets casted... it is a hairline fracture of the distal radius.
  • go to mc donalds
  • I inform everyone of my idea for a "road trip back east"
  • suddenly parts of this road trip plan start getting put together.
  • day ends with high spirits and, perhaps, a new VGOC member.

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