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This page is for members of the Stanford Jujitsu Club to communicate regarding class attendance and to ensure that a senior student is available to help lead classes Monday and Wednesdays.

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  • Select "[edit]" to the right of the particular day to which you want to add your name (you do not need to register with this website).
  • Put your name, with an asterisk (*) in front (so it displays it in an easily readable list), in the appropriate category for each day.
  • If you are the first person to put your name down for a new date, please change the date and delete any previous names and notes from all categories.
  • Do not go any further out than one week. In other words, this page will always have only a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday section on it, and only the dates will change from week to week.

Remember, the only way this will work is if people make the effort to keep their status continually updated!

Please update no later than *4pm* on the day of that particular class.

Monday 3/5 (7:30-9:30 PM)



  • Kevin
  • Amy

Not Coming:

  • Susan (cannot attend any Mondays)
  • jd
  • Johanna
  • Dan

Wednesday 3/7 (7:30-9:30 PM)


  • Tim will be teaching class


  • Tim
  • Johanna
  • Amy

Not Coming:

  • Jim (can not attend any Wednesdays)
  • jd

Friday 3/9 (7:00-9:00 PM)


  • After class dinner to discuss Club restructuring


  • Johanna
  • jd
  • Amy

Not Coming:

Restructuring topics to discuss (please add topics if you think of others)

Proposal - the colored belts meet once per quarter to discuss

  • what is working
  • what is NOT working
  • what changes we should make

Class days and times

  • cutting back to 2 classes/week - which days to keep?
  • extending class to 2.5 or 3 hours
  • starting class earlier (especially on Fridays, since it probably isn't possible any other day)
  • cutting Mondays will also allow us to have class on weeks when Stanford is closed on Monday (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King...)

Officers for next year!

  • Good candidates would be Amy, Dan, and maybe Johanna (if she's up to it!)

Class structure

  • make the first hour of class more intense and focused and keep everyone together
  • brainstorm techniques and drills that we can do as a class that are beneficial to everyone
    • everyone does the same techniques, colored belts do it on the left
    • applied jujitsu
    • ground sparring
    • doing karate drills with a partner to emphasize punching AND blocking
  • whoever is running class needs to be a bit like a coach and push everybody harder than they would otherwise push themselves
  • how about assigning 2 seniors whose responsibility is to run each of the 2 weekly classes?
    • one who is in the main class-runner (the most senior senior) and then one who is "deputy" (the less senior senior)
    • if the person in charge can't make it, they must make sure their deputy can (or else delegate somebody else)
    • the person in charge of each class would then be responsible for canceling class if necessary
  • it's everyone's responsibility to make sure we rotate teaching white belts during class so two people aren't doing it the whole time
  • comments on the new charts?
    • need to talk to Jim about "block" versus "cross shuto uke" and "parry" versus "nagashi uke". We changed because Jim wanted us to be doing the formal blocks, but is that too rigid? Obviously it would stay on the Appiled Karate charts, but what about the Aiki, Gyaku, etc. charts? Will need Jim for this discussion.
    • many techniques can be down multiple ways -- should this be specified on the charts, or should it be left as something that is taught orally? But this can often lead to massive confusion (at least until brown belt and higher when one has a good understanding of all the variations)
  • any chance of talking to Coach McCoy about getting some storage space for the charts (wouldn't it be nice to use those again?!). All we need is a tiny little bit to slide those posters somewhere


  • the website is one of the main ways that people find the club
  • we recruit a lot of people, especially in fall, but only a few stay ... why?
  • do we have the questionnaires from this quarter? What are the results? Can we improve the questionnaire?
  • what about running a 2-3 hour long, Saturday self-defense seminar for grad students
    • we talked about this some time ago, but it's apparently been forgotten
    • this would give SMAP a good reason to keep paying room rent for us because it's considered community outreach
  • what else can we do to attract more grad students?
  • how about trying to attract faculty (probably pretty unlikely) or, much more likely, staff?
  • jd still claims that the best way to improve recruiting is to improve our class attendance, the theory being that if we have a structured, heavily-attended, and focused class, the energy and environment it will create will automatically attract people. If things are loose and too laid-back without enough structure, the energy just isn't present and people aren't pulled in.


  • need a better turn-out for days when Tim comes
  • people need to update their status on the wiki
    • send a reminder at the beginning of the week to remind people to post attendance to the wiki? Is there a way to automate this? No ...
  • the person (Johanna?) who is the liaison with Tim needs to contact him every week anyways, so they can just send out an email as soon as they have confirmation

Canceling class policies

  • who makes the decision?
  • at what time is the decision made (eg, 3 hours before class starts = 4:30 pm)?

How to best teach white belts

  • do we want a more structured curriculum?
  • developing a syllabus so we cover all the techniques in the first 4 weeks and don't need to keep asking the white belts what techniques they have seen so far (this would be for those white belts who come regularly)
    • great idea, but what about the fact that many white belts miss classes? This is the reason we don't have a syllabus, because we constantly have to adapt to the different levels (even amongst white belts) who are present.
    • cutting back to 2 classes/week might help this because it will reduce the number of classes students will miss and hence the number of students who missed the part of the sylalbus that was covered that day
  • how to resolve teaching differences amongst (and between) seniors, Jim, and Tim

More socializing after class

  • more dinners/drinks and less movies, as dinner/drinks are more socialable?
  • Fridays are generally the best day, but what about a Saturday afternoon trip to Tim's dojo in SF with dinner afterwords?
  • or to a krav maga gun/knife defense seminar?
  • other places in addition to Celia's? Needs to be a place in Palo Alto that is open until at least 10-11pm


  • the website is one of the main ways that people find the club
  • pictures
    • do we still need to submit pictures to SMAP?
    • Amy's comments: I need to send out the pictures we took with my camera to everyone
    • jd's comments: we could use some pictures, but we need to make sure they're really good, ie, not posed or demonstrating improper technique. When you have a picture or video online, you are much more suspect to criticism because they can be analyzed and watched/looked at repeatedly, so they need to be good. There are a lot of crappy and cheesy martial arts websites out there and ours has a history of being very good ... I want that quality to be maintained.
  • what is our policy on non-Stanford affiliated people? Should we change the wording on the website?
  • jd has big plans for the website that have been in the works for years
    • new bios for Duke and Tim, and adding one of Jim, Jerry Kunzman, and Rob Blankenhorn. These are currently in various stages of development
    • new videos: I have some that we made several years ago, but we'll need more. The same standard of quality (if not higher) must apply to these as it does to pictures
    • new simple yet intuitive menus/navigational layout using flash (jd's got some outside help for this). Our current menu is a little vague as to what is where
    • putting some of the research jd has done on the site, including the history of Zen Budokai and the Club
  • post documents that we create (like the demonstration mark-up for last fall) on the website so that they are continually accessible and we don't lose them
    • if security or others seeing these documents are concerns, we could have an club access only area and send the password out to the seniors list

Funding/Money issues

  • how can we encourage SMAP to continue paying our room rent?

After-Class Dinner to Discuss Club Restructuring

Fri 3/9

  • yes:
    • jd
    • susan
    • Johanna
    • Amy
    • Dan
    • Kevin
    • Jim
  • no:
    • Peter

Fri 3/16

  • yes:
    • jd
    • susan (tentative, it's my mom's bday)
    • Amy
    • Kevin
  • no:
    • Peter

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