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  • Name: Jeremy Korys
  • Nicknames: Starblade, womanizer, Robocop, Tin Man
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 26
  • Race: Half-cybernetic human
  • Height: 6' 5"
  • Weight: 311 lbs
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Blue-gray
  • Skin color: Fair
  • Home World: Yesein III
  • Player: Ali
  • Theme: H.M. Powered Man by Iron Savior / Tyranny of Steel by Iron Savior


Starblade is a good natured (some would say flamboyant) bounty hunter in the ISPF. He seems to take nothing seriously despite the nature of his work, belying his skill and strength as a hunter. He is a perpetual womanizer, even going so far as to flirt with some female marks before he fights them. He is generally straightforward and honest about everything, which ironically makes him very adept at deception when posing as his civilian alter ego, Jeremy. He views life as too short to waste and a precious thing to be protected. Whether at work or play, he lives life to the fullest.

It is know that he has a crush on Samus Aran, despite numerous rebuffs on her part.


Starblade is tall and powerfully built - a naturally imposing figure, though he hardly ever intentionally uses this to intimidate. He most often wears a gray and blue jacket-and-pants outfit, sometimes wearing a jumpsuit or flightsuit in the same colors, or rarely, an ISPF uniform. His favorite accessory is a fuzzy beanie hat styled after a Metroid that he may don to lighten a situation. His hair is styled in upswept black spikes, matching his youthful nature. Regardless of whether he is identifying as the hunter Starblade or the civilian Jeremy, his appearance remains the same.

Combat Style

Starblade thrives in close quarters melee combat, using the energy blades he projects from his palms as fast, powerful offensive. Despite having no visible armor, he shows a seemingly supernatural resistance to crushing and penetrating attacks, granted to him by the large number of implants integrated into his body. He is very hard to kill, owing to these same implants, which will continue to operate and maintain his vital functions even if he is fatally injured and the implants are heavily damaged.


  • Palm energy projection blades - Starblade's primary weapon and mainstay ability. They are generally slightly curved and approximately a foot long, though he can alter their shape and length. They can be elementally phase shifted to electricity, ice, fire, light, or darkness, but only one phase shift can be equipped at a time, excluding the blade's natural kinetic and draining modes - he must return to his ship to change his weapon otherwise.
  • Overdrive - Starblade is able to drastically increase his speed, stamina, and power via creating an energy feedback loop between his cybernetic half and his organic half. While in this mode, he's reduced to using only the energy draining version of his palm blades, and he cannot maintain it indefinitely, limited by his physical state upon entering the Overdrive and the amount of energy available to him. In terms of RP fight mechanics, Overdrive counts as a super form.


He is reportedly a former con artist, having taken up the path of the hunter for unknown reasons, but it has never been verified. At some point in his past, he was nearly killed, presumably in pursuit of a mark - thus necessitating the replacement of half his body with cybernetic implants. He is good friends with Talon and the two have been partners on several missions, as their styles of fighting naturally complement each other. He has been a bounty hunter for approximately two years, and while he misses his simpler past, he also avoids its mention. He has a vicious rivalry with Lady Ailiashi Kerschre, an Eldonese woman and high-profile mark.

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