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Startup Weekend/Bios

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This is your chance to brag about yourself! Where are you coming from? What are you working on? Where are you staying?

  • Omar Bohsali
  • Shawn Presser
    • From: St Louis, MO
    • Working on: ClassBug
    • Personal Website: www.classbug.com
    • Staying in SF: Not sure yet.
    • Cell:
  • Jean-Rene Bedard
  • Ryan Park
    • From: Mountain View, CA (formerly Washington, DC)
    • Working on: unnamed educational technology startup
    • Personal Website: ryanpark.org
    • Staying in SF: I live here
    • Email: ryan, at the same domain as my website
    • Cell: email me for it
  • Nate Clark
    • From: Atlanta, GA
    • Working on: Wamily
    • Personal Website: nateclark.com
    • Staying in SF: With a friend
    • Email: see my website
    • Cell:
  • Neil Abraham
    • From: Boston, MA
    • Working on: Altruistiq : Profit-driven social enterprise
    • Personal Website: pluginaweek.org
    • Staying in SF: Not Sure Yet
    • Cell:
  • Mooneer Salem
    • From: San Diego, CA
    • Working on: Kite
    • Personal Website: facebook profile
    • Staying in SF: Not Sure Yet
    • Cell:
  • William Bland
    • From: Mountain View, CA (originally from the UK)
    • Working on: Various random hacks
    • Personal Website: abstractnonsense.com
    • Staying in SF: I live here
    • Cell:
  • Andrew Kavanaugh
    • From: Cleveland, OH (Originally from Canada)
    • Working on: Various software (Enterprise Market & Public Sector)
    • Staying in SF: Staying at the downtown marriot, rented a car as well
    • Cell:
  • James Miao
    • From: Palo Alto, CA (originally from Los Angeles)
    • Background: Product Design+Production at ATARI and Activision, Marketing at EA
    • Interests: Solving the "digital music sucks" problem
    • Working on: Digital Music Platform
    • Personal Website: yummy!
    • Staying in SF: Unless my rent check bounced :-)
  • Girard Kelly
    • From: Tucson, AZ (It's in the middle of the desert)
    • Interests: contemplating the spiritual essence of computing
    • Working on: Mosoto
    • Personal Website: mosoto.com
    • Staying in SF: I'm sure I'll figure it out
    • Cell:
  • Quinn Slack
  • Drew Houston
    • From: Cambridge, MA
    • Working on: Dropbox
    • Staying in SF: With friends
    • Cell:
  • Tom Music
    • From: Seattle, WA
    • Working on: Stuff
    • Personal Website: http://www.tommusic.net
    • Staying in SF: Staying in Palo Alto near Stanford
    • E-mail: startupschool@tommusic.net
  • Nick Dimiduk
    • From: Seattle, WA
    • Working on: NdCore/CCM Engine, OCScheme, other misc
    • Personal Website: dimiDNA.net
    • Staying in SF: Hotel in Palo Alto, not far from Stanford.
    • email/gtalk: ndimiduk@gmail.com
    • Cell:
  • Sharan Makhija
    • From: Palo Alto, CA
    • Working on: Stealth Mode Startup
    • Staying in SF: Home in Palo Alto, not far from Stanford.
    • email/gtalk: sharan666@gmail.com
    • Cell:
  • add your name
    • From:
    • Working on:
    • Personal Website:
    • Staying in SF:
    • Cell:

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