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Startup Weekend/Events

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3636 El Camino Real Palo Alto, CA 94306

Friday, March 23rd

Dinner @ 7:30 PM TONIGHT - Taqueria El Grullense

In town for Startup School? We're all meeting at 7:30 PM TONIGHT for a quick get-together.


3636 El Camino Real
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Call Ryan Park if you need directions or anything.

Click here for google maps


Leave a cell# if you want us to call you on Friday with details!

  • Siqi Chen (714 423 2748)
  • Omar Bohsali (703.470.7012)
  • Nate Clark (678-612-1613) - I'll try ... my flight gets into SFO around 5:00 on Fri and then I'm meeting up with a friend. Let me know when and where
  • Daniel Ha (408-896-8066)
  • Ryan Park
  • Matt Wensing
  • Quinn Slack - 847-347-8478 I have a car and can fit a few more people. Call/email me if you want a ride (email is on website)
  • Mooneer Salem - (951.662.1694)
  • Andrew Kavanaugh (216-394-3336) - I get in to SFO in the morning and am staying downtown, might be up for some drinks.
  • Jordan Willms (604.306.9539) I'll be in town Friday for the open source CMS conference, as such I'm down to meetup nighttime.
  • Matt Culbreth 678.371.6213
  • Eddie Kim 951.440.1537
  • Andrew Yates (408.826.1121)
  • Tom Music (253-653-4103) -- I'm staying in Palo Alto, but I might get a car.
  • Larry Kubin 512.626.2476
  • Vincent Woon 650 796 3863 - In Sunnyvale.
  • Nick Dimiduk 614.657.0267 -- Staying in Palo Alto.
  • Shawn Van Ittersum -- Have car, seats four.
  • Neil Abraham 201.259.6640
  • Josh Reeves - 650.804.2745 >> Looking forward to meeting up!
  • James Ream (262-332-0500) looking forward to meeting people, staying in Palo Alto, no car, but possible access to a limo... give me a call!
  • Nathan Bowers 818.917.4482 Staying at Stanford Park Hotel, will have a car.
  • Ryan Junee 650-804-8740. Local to Palo Alto, have car that can seat 1 extra.
  • Name here
  • click here to add your name
Peets Coffee @ 8AM (map)
Picture of shdh VII. SHDH 16 is March 24th, from 1PM to 1AM

Saturday, March 24th

Startup School, of course!; 9am till 5:30


Find out who's attending on facebook.

super happy dev house; 1pm till 1am

Those should be GREAT. see more @ http://shdh.org. For an idea of what this is like, check out SHDH on flickr. If you're going, be sure to RSVP on upcoming.org.

Tom Music: "As Mooneer mentions below, going to SHDH as a group (using Sam's van) might be a good idea. My only caveat is my required return time; I'm staying in Palo Alto, and will need to check out of my hotel Sunday morning and get to SJC by 10:00am.
Does anyone else have timing preferences, and does this jive?"

Sunday, March 25th

Nothing planned yet... add something!

Disc Golf in Santa Cruz


  • The Santa Cruz disc golf course is one of the first ( and best ) disc golf courses ever. It overlooks the bay of Santa Cruz.
  • James Ream 262-332-0500 *** I have many extra discs to use/borrow, but we will need someone with a car to get there***

  • Sam Odio (maybe) 703-725-6442
  • Omar Bohsali (maybe)
  • Ben Morrison (maybe)

Monday, March 26th

Nothing planned yet... add something!

Event name


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