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The Syndicate is a relatively new organization in the world of Valgris, first introduced along with Vane Crosby when Vane first met up with people from the lodge. Vane was escaping from Syndicate agents after being tested on in various chakra-enhancing experiments for the course of a month. The agents turned out to be clones that melted when defeated. Another agent that appeared later to threaten Vane was Spike, a human with obviously-enhanced strength and speed.


The Syndicate is an underground illegal group that conducts questionable genetic experiments, including cloning, DNA augmentation, and gene-tailoring. They produce cloned agents who are fairly effective until their limited lifespan ends, at which point they melt, removing evidence in the process. They can also create higher-end agents with powers and abilities far above the human norm, or grant these abilities to an otherwise normal person - for a price. They hire themselves out to the criminal underworld, selling clones as henchmen and enhancing crime bosses with their genetic expertise. But the Syndicate's quest for ever more advanced techniques leads them to kidnap people with exceptional potential and experiment on them (such as the case with Vane Crosby, who is "Specimen 447" to the Syndicate).

The leadership of the Syndicate belongs to a core group of scientists who form a council at the top; they run the show while directing sub-tier scientists in the actual work. The scientists have managed to keep their identity mostly a secret, although rumors abound that some of them are former GUN scientists. The agents are all genetically programmed to be loyal to the scientists, even when sold to others, as a guarantee that their agents won't be used against their creators.

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