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Quality Assurance Manual
ABC Company



Record Interview

  1. decide topic (welcome, question, summary)
  2. write script
  3. arrange interview
  4. record interview
  5. store interview

Audio File Upload

  1. connect digit camera to USB port
  2. locate digital file on computer
  3. use upload to transform mp3 file to website
  4. create hyperlink to mp3 file
  5. debug and test


Preparing and conducting an interview

  1. Identify the purpose of the interview
  2. Contact client
    • Set a duration and venue
  3. Identify topics of interest
  4. Write introduction
  5. Write questions for each topic
  6. Write summary
  7. Meet with client
  8. Record interview
  9. Catalog and store interview
    • Save to computer

Video Interview Procedure

  1. Define Topic and scope
  2. determine budget
  3. organize subject matter experts and venue & time
  4. prepare script for interview
  5. prepare venue
  6. rehearse interview and amend script if necessary
  7. interview
    1. introduction
    2. question
    3. closure
  8. edit, store, catalog interview
  9. publish interview

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