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Hey guys (girls), sorry I screwed up the board - I wanted to make a minor edit, but there was some problem with my connection and I guess my update did not load fully or something, and so everything after UIUC disappeared... could the moderator please cancel my (completely unintended) change? Sorry again

Could we expand the goal of these wikis to be a general resource for people going on the job market. Although most of the changes I've made today have been organization and aesthetic, we could add more pages that have tutorial-type information. Maybe wikis are more appropriate for just dissiminating "facts" rather than sharing advice. Any opinions on expanding the wiki to include summaries of the advice given in the blogs/forums? Econwikster 16:07, 10 February 2007 (EST)

Concerning the "rumors" posted. I removed the information posted recently concerning Drew and Portland. Someone had alleged that both positions were not authentic, since the department had a preference for an internal hire but had posted to the JOE. While I find such a theory interesting, as I suppose it suggests departments are feigning to hire someone else to improve their bargaining position with the internal hire, this is not the place to post rumors. The economics job market rumors blog is the place to discuss rumors of this sort. Econmoderator 22:29, 22 December 2006 (EST)

John Lott is flying out for a talk at Baylor. See here. I am not sure why people keep removing his name. He was a professor of mine once, and he is as fine a teacher as he is a researcher. Baylor would be lucky to have him. Mary Rosh

John Lott will present in the research seminar at Baylor, but he is not a faculty candidate. Bearprof 26 December 2006.

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