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Play nice

This site welcomes a discussion about the content its users have contributed. If you feel you had a different experience at Longwood, or have something to say, speak up! You should add it to the talk pages (like the one you're on right now).

But DO NOT make personal attacks. If you attack any of the other users on this site, your comments will be removed and you may be blocked from bluwiki indefinitely. We're not here to flame eachother.

Thanks! --Sam Odio 19:21, 2 August 2006 (EDT)


"Until the Longwood administration gets themselves sorted out..."

Haha, not likely! - anon

Every school has the ups and downs (especially Freshman year when you don't have many rights). For example at Radford you can be charged against school policy even when you're off-campus. And so many other "bad policy" type complaints are across the board at schools (too many cops, wouldn't let me run a business out of my dorm, etc). One school is not right for everyone, but why should anyone not apply to Longwood if they've looked at others and happen to enjoy aspects of Farmville. Because you had a bad experience? Not likely! -- 00:32, 5 August 2006 (EDT)

Using information about the experiences of other's is a great way to make more informed decisions (as long as its not the only basis for a decision). And it's common as well, which is why referral marketing is so effective --Sam Odio 06:57, 5 August 2006 (EDT)

I would like to add that the schools that are listed as alternatives are schools that are on a completely different level thank Longwood IMO. When I was looking at schools I looked at Longwood, Mary Washington and Christopher Newport. My father really wanted to me to look into JMU, but I wanted to go to a small public school. Also, there is NO WAY that UVA (and other large universities) and Longwood should ever be compared. The state obviously grants/gives more money to UVA, which is one way they have so many things to offer. I personally think that Longwood does great with what it is given and although some may think otherwise, Longwood really is not in the business of making money. Of course neither is UVA or any other public school. I do think that UVA is a great great school, just not one that I would have wanted to attend or JMU, VCU, ODU, VT, or any other school with over 6,000 undergrads. Just be aware of why people look at Longwood. ~ Courtney Crawford

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