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Revision as of 22:18, 18 May 2006 by Samirgovilkar (Talk | contribs)

Please discuss your points of view here before you make changes to the main page.

Don't you think this is a good idea ?

I think this collaborative idea is a good one. What do you think ?

Well perhaps

We'll have to see how enthusiastic people are about this.


  • I believe that the sections 3 and 4 should be merged since they discuss very much the same topic. I hope people respond to this suggestion. Otherwise I will assume that everyone is okay with this and make the changes I think are required.
-Samir Govilkar March 28, 2006 12:53 AM EDT

Re: Restructuring

Hi Samir:

I think you have a point - however I feel the wiki has grown so large as to become tedious to read. We should think about creating subpages under the Ncstate namespace such as

Ncstate:Traveling_to_the_US - see here

However the new page is a separate page in itself and changes there will not reflect on the main page unless we make the main page somewhat like a signpost linking to the various sub pages. --Conalcharles 01:43, 28 March 2006 (EST)

Re: Restructuring

Hi sameer and Conal, i was kinda away frm this for a while after working a lot on it for sum time...liked d idea of subgrouping the stuff...also, the contents look good 2 me..if anything specific required, do lemme know...i think v can base our updates depending upon posts received on our e-gropus as well as personal queries we receive..also, it wi lb a good idea if people frm various departments cud post department specific information..wt say guys?? -- Chakrapani

I feel a lot of work needs to be done related to the academics section. The wiki is woefully inadequate on those topics.
- Samirgovilkar 18:18, 18 May 2006 (EDT)

Good point

What else do you think we need to add ?

We need to do a section on medical documentation cos that always throws up a lot of questions later.


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