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Template:Cite Book

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This template documentation is transcluded from Template:Cite Book/doc [edit]


This is a navigational template. It helps to construct a standardized box containing a list of links to articles which relates to the one being read, plus an optional image.


To apply this template you can start by copy-and-pasting the following code and then provide adequate arguments:

 | Title = 
 | Color = 
 | Image = 
 | List = 
 | Category = 
 | Summary = 

Mandatory arguments

  • Title: A title for the navigation box; may include links
  • List: List of links to related articles; links maybe separated, for instance, by commas, bullets, or pipe symbols.

Recommended arguments

  • Summary: this parameter is aimed at vocal and Braille-based user agents and should give a brief textual description of the box contents; ordinary quotation marks around or within the provided text are not allowed; if quoting is needed you may use curly quotes: <</code> and <</code>.

Default values

The Color parameter defaults to the color showed in the {{{Title}}} row above.


Example 1

The following code:

| Title = The first 25 Presidents of the United States
| Image = [[Image:USPresidentialSeal.jpg|60px|U.S. presidential seal]]
| Summary = A list of the first 25 US Presidents
| Color =
| Category =



Example 2

Removing the Image argument and providing Color= teal the result changes to:

See also

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