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To our great surprise he appears relieved and asks whether it would be possible for us to take them away.
To our great surprise he appears relieved and asks whether it would be possible for us to take them away.
=== [[Mage:Session 36|Session 36]] ===
We open the trap door and I get a lung full of gas. Not nice.

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Session 21

Session 22

Session 23

Before the flight to Cuzco, we are required to hand over our firearms. These are supposed to be placed in a secure area on the military base adjacent to the civilian airport.

The consulate is not expecting us. I phone Angleton only to get a recorded message from "Andina Travel", instructing us to go to the Hotel Monestario, and await details of our package tour.

We have a suite reserved for us at the Hotel Monestario, but there are no messages.

We go shopping....

On returning a DVD has been left of a broadcast news article from 2008 featuring video of Sarah Palin from a few years earlier performing a Protection Against Witchcraf rite. It ends with her saying "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live".

Precognition: a maid, tall of European decent, walks into the the room, she is not expecting us to be there, her hair cut is rather too good for a maid. She looks about the room ans performs a rite with her hands, using a mobile phone as a focus. She takes the DVD from within her uniform holding on the edge and places it on the table.

Session 24

I ring Dionysus "the whole UK/US co-operation thing went down the pan about 8 years eight ... it was ok when dealing with Big Black or the Puzzle Palace, they were both Technos, this lot are Celestials." He goes on say that if I require a bolt hole then I should seek out The Amahuaca, Dreamspeaks, an indigenous tribe.

We do the tourist thing.

On returning to our hotel the guide is here a man called Carlos.

The following day Carlos takes us on a tour of the Sacred Valley.

At an ancient Inca site, a woman that I recognize as the maid, and Barney introduces as Cassie joins up with us. She claims to be working for Whitehall (MI6) and explains that the DVD was intended as a warning to keep our noses clean as the enemy (Dept of Homeland Security) regard this as there territory. We cause a bit of a stir turning up with so much hardware, and are now hot property. We are expected to be debriefed here.

Cassie describes a dead lead drop in the cathedral and a safe house: The Loki Hotel in Cuzco.

Session 25

Session 26

Session 27

Cassie gives us a run down on Essence Wars:

See identifies The Laundry as the remnants of the The Sons of Ether. The Technocracy, grew from The Sons of Ether, is the predominate force with the Government of the UK.

Until recently the Essence War was the collected Traditions verses The Technocracy.

The Technocracy had almost made The Sleepers belief in science has allow the forge the new science. Unfortunately The Technocracy tried to push The Sleepers too far, too fast. The Celestial Chorus saw an opportunity to rest some control from the The Technocracy.

The Celestial Chorus's agenda is unclear but it appear that they have manufactured the War on Terror, between two sets of their own constituents, thus strengthening their own paradigm.

The Celestial Chorus suffered a major set back just after WWII and the acceptance gained a foothold.

Project for the New American Century is now the public face of The Celestial Chorus in U.S.

Something happened on 1st January 2000, and a major shift happen to alter the probabilities, possibly on another plane, and The Technocracy has suffered set back after set back.

Session 28

Session 29

Cavendish explains to me the workings of the satellite phone, and gives me a plastic card containing emergency numbers.

I'm handed a Glock 23, and 3 magazines and a AR15 scar variant with 6 magazines.

Session 33

I try to identify some points we need to cover here before he can legitimately go home:

  1. Village Origins
  2. Father Michael's origins
  3. The source of Prime, contained within one of the huts
  4. Any connection this community has with the gate?
  5. Dead Zone (Jamestown)
  6. Rifle bolts
  7. Discover how complicit the locals are

The rifle bolts are likely to be in the Vestry of the church. Giving Father Michael the benefit of the doubt this might have been done for the safety of the community. I have a chat to Ingrams and Cavendish, indicating that I might know where the bolts are, and that I'd like to recover them. Fearing that their absence might be discovered I'd want to replace them in the church to some substitute. Ingrams, Caverdish and I discuss the options for lifting possible substitute metal work.

Contrive to go and look at the hut containing the Prime source.

Session 34

Session 35

Father Michael asks what we would like to see today. I manage to persuade the rest of then that just asking to see the cellar.

To our great surprise he appears relieved and asks whether it would be possible for us to take them away.

Session 36

We open the trap door and I get a lung full of gas. Not nice.

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