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Session 21

Session 22

Session 23

Before the flight to Cuzco, we are required to hand over our firearms. These are supposed to be placed in a secure area on the military base adjacent to the civilian airport.

The consulate is not expecting us. I phone Angleton only to get a recorded message from "Andina Travel", instructing us to go to the Hotel Monestario, and await details of our package tour.

We have a suite reserved for us at the Hotel Monestario, but there are no messages.

We go shopping....

On returning a DVD has been left of a broadcast news article from 2008 featuring video of Sarah Palin from a few years earlier performing a Protection Against Witchcraf rite. It ends with her saying "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live".

Precognition: a maid, tall of European decent, walks into the the room, she is not expecting us to be there, her hair cut is rather too good for a maid. She looks about the room ans performs a rite with her hands, using a mobile phone as a focus. She takes the DVD from within her uniform holding on the edge and places it on the table.

Session 24

I ring Dionysus "the whole UK/US co-operation thing went down the pan about 8 years eight ... it was ok when dealing with Big Black or the Puzzle Palace, they were both Technos, this lot are Celestials." He goes on say that if I require a bolt hole then I should seek out The Amahuaca, Dreamspeaks, an indigenous tribe.

We do the tourist thing.

On returning to our hotel the guide is here a man called Carlos.

The following day Carlos takes us on a tour of the Sacred Valley.

At an ancient Inca site, a woman that I recognize as the maid, and Barney introduces as Cassie joins up with us. She claims to be working for Whitehall (MI6) and explains that the DVD was intended as a warning to keep our noses clean as the enemy (Dept of Homeland Security) regard this as there territory. We cause a bit of a stir turning up with so much hardware, and are now hot property. We are expected to be debriefed here.

Cassie describes a dead lead drop in the cathedral and a safe house: The Loki Hotel in Cuzco.

Session 25

Session 26

Session 27

Cassie gives us a rundown on Essence Wars:

See identifies The Laundry as the remnants of the The Sons of Ether.

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