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Template talk:Doctl

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{{doctl}} inserts boilerplate for consistent documentation of a template on its own Talk page. Once inserted, it must be edited to include specific information.


  • Step 1:


The only parameter is the name of the template you are documenting.

  • Step 2:

Save the Talk page. Do not use preview. You must save in order to evaluate the subst: atom.

  • Step 3:

Re-edit the Talk page. In the section Purpose, give a clear statement of the purpose of the template you are documenting. Use it in a sentence. In the section Usage, adjust the number of parameters and explain what each one does. If your template takes no parameters, delete that word. Note that the Usage section makes use of HTML entities; be careful editing between them. Finally, in the section History, add an appropriate entry -- if this is a new template, insert the line "Created ~~~~"; if you are documenting an existing template, insert the line "Documentation added ~~~~".


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What it makes

The template generates the text inside the following box:










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